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Welcome Amarillo, Texas

Home of the unique Cadillac Ranch and scenic Palo Duro Canyon, there is something for everyone in Amarillo, Texas. While businesses and the population rate is thriving in this Panhandle city, so are the reported cases of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B and C, along with Herpes, HIV, and Syphilis. This means it has never been so important to visit one of the free STD testing centers in Amarillo, TX. With one easy phone call you can schedule private STD testing and only spend 15 to 20 minutes at the local lab. A quick visit to the STD clinic and you can go back to enjoying this thriving city.

The following public facilities provide Amarillo, Texas Area residents with free or low-cost STD tests including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes, HIV, and Syphilis.

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STD Test Statistics in Amarillo, TX

Over the last two decades residents of Potter County, and the city of Amarillo, TX has been dealing with an exceptionally high rate of reported STDs. In 2008 health care officials decided to begin looking into these rising statistics and what they discovered surprised everyone. Not only did the city rate second in the state for reported cases of gonorrhea, but it is also ranked third for Chlamydia. As of 2012, STD rates are still increasing and the average age of infection is becoming significantly younger.

  • STDs have been detected in teens as young as 14 years of age.
  • Out of 100 STD tests 12-13 percent will test positive.
  • Potter County has one of the highest STD rates in the state.
  • In 2012 the city ranked 6th in the state for Chlamydia.

STD Testing and Sexual Health

The STD rates have been steadily increasing in Amarillo, and the Department of Public Health is trying to bring sexual education to the public. One of the contributing factors to this growing problem is that education is starting after teenagers are sexually active. In many cases teens have already come into contact with an STD, and have already been added to the growing count of infected cases. Not only is it important to start educating teenagers before they become sexually active to prevent the spread of STDs, it will also lower the high percentage of teen pregnancies that are also becoming a problem in the Panhandle.

Many health experts are also placing the blame for the problem with parents, who do not feel the need to educate their children. Some parents feel uncomfortable discussing this sensitive subject, while others feel that it is not their responsibility. Without the necessary education, city officials expect to see the number of STD cases continue to rise in the coming years.

Preventing STD Infections

With STD rates steadily increasing, and education at home and school still lacking, it has never been so important for students and adults to have regular HIV testing in Amarillo. HIV rates are rising in young men, and the only way to prevent the spread of the deadly disease is to get tested frequently. It is also important to remember regular Herpes testing in Amarillo, since this viral disease is often confused with a simple rash.

Demographics and STD Testing

STD Testing Amarillo, TX

What is surprising to many health care officials is that they are having problems determining an exact reason for the higher STD rates. The city is home to several clinics, but the number of cases keeps increasing each year. Income and demographics do not seem to play a role, since the rates are the same across Amarillo, which leaves the answer with the lack of sex education during puberty.

Teenage boys and girls are not making smart decisions when it comes to their sexual health, and this is affecting everyone around them. Whether it is passing the disease through sexual contact or simply putting themselves at risk by their behavior, it is vital that sexual education and regular testing are a part of a teenager’s life.

Regular STD Tests for Good Sexual Health

There are several benefits to getting tested regularly for STDs that include the health of every sexually active resident in Amarillo. This thriving city located in the Texas Panhandle has more to offer residents than an increasing number of reported cases of STDs. There are plenty of clinics located in the city, and it is easy to get a private STD test in Amarillo.

Regular testing not only promotes good overall health, it also helps to keep the city alive and thriving. With so much to offer visitors and residents, it only makes sense to take care of your health, so you can enjoy everything from painted Cadillac sedans planted in a row to the panoramic vistas of the surrounding countryside.


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