About Us

Wouldn’t it be awesome to live in a world where you can get access to multiple STD test options – Quickly, Privately and Affordably?

A place where you can decide the time and place to get std tested, instead of trying to fit into someone else’s calendar or location.

Our mission has been to consolidate all these test options and make them available for our users.

We provide access to public, private and at home STD testing options so you can decide what best works for you.

You now have better choices when getting tested for STDs.

Welcome to Safer STD Testing

The best place for you to get educated about your STD testing options. We provide you the easiest and fastest access to affordable Private and low cost/free Public STD testing clinic locations as well as in home STD testing service from reputed providers.

 Who are we?

Safer STD Testing is a referral service that allows you to select your STD testing location from over 4000 private and over 7000 public STD testing locations as well as access to in home testing service, to get peace of mind you deserve.

Most of our site visitors start out looking for free STD testing services provided by public testing clinics. Many, however, after learning the benefits of highly affordable private testing over public testing, choose to use the services of major private STD testing companies we collaborate with. These providers i.e. our “Preferred Service Providers” have a well established  national network of doctors, medical professionals and certified Care Advisors who are specially trained in online medical care. The doctors are experts in sexual health and well trained to be sensitive, discreet and helpful. They are available 7 days a week to authorize your tests, review the results with you over the phone and help you with any questions you might have. When medically deemed appropriate and permitted by state law, they will also write prescription(s) and  refer patients to specialists in your area for further care. Hence, you can experience STD testing in a safe and secure manner via this awesome service built completely around you.

Our mission is simple: To provide you quick access to fast, private and affordable STD Testing Services with the best quality, and attentive medical care in an online format.  Your health matters. Don’t delay getting tested. Take action today. .

 Why get tested?

Thankfully, talking about sex is no longer taboo. Sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases are widely discussed and studied all over the world. Increasingly, people are seeking the required treatment from sexual health professionals. The vast majority go on to live long, fulfilling lives despite their experiences with a sexually transmitted infection — because they sought treatment in a timely fashion. If you feel there is even the slightest chance that you might have a sexually transmitted infection, don’t wait for it to be too late.

Most STIs may be cured with antibiotics. Presently a few STDs, including AIDS and genital herpes, have no cure — but if diagnosed early, both conditions can be largely stabilized through life-saving treatment procedures. But, unless you are diagnosed and treated in a timely manner, the consequences could prove fatal. Don’t delay the testing procedure. The virus or bacteria in your body is not going to go away by ignoring it. At Safer STD Testing, we are here to guide your efforts to the compassionate sexual health care providers. You only need let us.


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