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Welcome Fredericksburg, Virginia

Fredericksburg offers its community and tourist’s gorgeous trails and sights, fun evening events, and a strong education system to educate the community. Unfortunately, the city is experiencing an epidemic that is yet to be successfully handles – Sexually Transmitted Diseases including HIV, Herpes, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and even AIDS. The best way to handle this epidemic is to frequently touch base with your sexual health by undergoing a periodic STD test. The state offers a number of locations for free STD testing, but for a hassle-free and expedited test results, consider taking your test at a private health center. Within a few minutes, you can have your appointment setup for the near future.

The following public facilities provide Fredericksburg, Virginia Area residents with free or low-cost STD tests including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes, HIV, and Syphilis.

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STD Test Statistics in Fredericksburg


As the number of STD cases continue to rise, more statistical information is being recorded in the hopes of better understanding how the epidemic his happening.

In 2013, the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, or CDC, released its young people STD report, outlining the severity of cases throughout each county. According to this report, with a 100,000 person sample size, Fredericksburg had:

  • an average chlamydial rate, between 1000 and 3000
  • a below moderate or below average gonorrheal rate of less than or equal to 300
  • an average rate for primary and secondary syphilis cases throughout the year

The city didn’t play a direct role in the sharp increase in various cases, but is at a severe risk. As a whole, the state had a lower rate for all three STDs than the United States average, which is a good sigh. However, the numbers are still continuing to rise.

Overall, the city didn’t appear to be playing as a major contributor to the epidemic, Fredericksburg continues to be at a severe risk due to its neighboring and closely located counties with much higher gonorrheal, chlamydial, and syphilis rates. From this report alone, it was clear that the city’s STD rate was increasing.

Even more recently, the CDC released its annual health profile for the state, ranking it 31st for its chlamydial rate ad 28th for its gonorrheal rate. Within the state, in 2009, with a 100,000 person population sample size, the number of syphilis cases was 3.8, which remained the same rate 4 years later.

STD Testing Fredericksburg, VA


STI Awareness, Education, and Testing


The city is filled with resources to not only educate its community about sexual health, Fredericksburg also offers free services for its community members and tourists. For those who are interested in learning about sexual health, sexually transmitted diseases, or safe sex practices, the government offers a number of online resources through their website. Additionally, the city is filled with health centers and clinics that provide their patients with free pamphlets and booklets.

Additionally, students who reach a certain grade within the public education system are taught the topic of sexual health. This topic covers safe sex practices, sexually transmitted diseases, and STD testing. After being taught this topic, students have a clear understanding of the risks associated with unsafe sex practices.

Finally, the city offers free STD testing within various locations throughout the city. Unfortunately, many people are not aware that the city offers this free service for the community. Truth be told, within a few minutes on the phone, residents and tourists can have their free STD test appointment set for the near future.

Even though the city provides its residents with a number of resources and services to stay healthy, aware, and safe, the number of STD cases are continuing to grow. Recently, statistics revealed that individuals within the age of 15-19 and 20-24 make up a generous chunk of call STD cases within the city and state as a whole. Even though the city is providing the awareness for STDs towards students, the numbers are still sharply increasing.


Sexual Health & STD Testing


The city prides itself on the diversity the population of Frederiksberg is comprised of, and believes its part of what makes the city so great. The population is filled with individuals with different ethnicities, backgrounds, heritages, and even age.

Unfortunately, recent statistics reveal that some individuals are at a much higher rate for contracting various forms of sexually transmitted diseases. For example, within the county, women are considerably more at risk for contracting Chlamydia than males, making up a large portion of all the chlamydia cases seen throughout the county.

Statistical information has revealed that the most at-risk individual within the county for the various forms of STD’s is a female between the ages of 15-24. My public spokespeople and community leaders have stepped up, offering theories as to how to control the rising number of STDs within the state. Some individuals feel that teaching sexual education at a younger age is needed. Additionally, some feel that a public awareness campaign is needed in order to help address those who are at the most at-risk for the various sexually transmitted diseases.

The 2015 health report of the state also touched on the number of HIV cases, pointing out that some ethnicities were at a higher risk than others. For example, in 2013, roughly 59.7% of all HIV cases came from African Americans. In second, whites took a total of 27% of all cases, followed by Hispanics, taking up roughly 8.7%. Many community members feel that more can be done to educate and raise awareness for those ethnicities that are at the highest risk within the county, in the hopes of getting a better grasp on this issue and fighting it head on.

STD Testing Frederiscksburg, VA


Improving Sexual Health with STD Testing


Although Fredericksburg is a beautiful state and considered home to many, the state is experiencing an STD epidemic that is continually growing each and every year. Each and every year, the city is experiencing an increasing rate of various STD’s and many community members feel that more needs to be done to educate those who are at the most severe risk. To ensure that you do not become part of the problem, it’s vitally important that you frequently take an STD test. There are a number of free STD testing facilities throughout the city and a number of private clinics offering expedited test results and increased confidentiality. No matter where you undergo your STD test, it’s vitally important that that you do your fair share to keep yourself aware and alert.



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