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Welcome Rock Hill, South Carolina

Rock hill city, South Carolina is the largest city in York county and 5th in the state. York County is home to the Carowinds amusement park that covers two states. The city is rapidly growing and catching the eye of everybody. It’s renowned for its sports facilities, festivals, geographical landscapes, water sports and warm hospitality. As a historical city, it has cultural events spread throughout the year. One notable cultural town in close proximity to Rock Hill, SC is Catawba that has videos and exhibits of the Indian community. There is also a craft store with distinctive pottery. York County has several STD clinics. Rock Hill, South Carolina has private STD testing facilities that offer diagnostic testing for various conditions so that other visitors at the center are not aware of the reason for your visit. Your test results are kept private and are only shared with you.

The following public facilities provide Rock Hill, South Carolina Area residents with free or low-cost STD tests including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes, HIV, and Syphilis.

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STD Statistics in Rock Hill


CDC conducts annuals research in counties and cities regarding STDs and their prevalence. A research done on Rock Hill, SC in 2011 indicated that approximately 858 people were diagnosed with HIV in the county. The county was ranked 16th among the nation’s 50 states for rates of HIV.

The higher ranking does not bode well with South Carolina Health Department. Chlamydia cases among women were higher by nearly 3 times than that of men ranking the county in 5th position for chlamydia infections. The rate of gonorrhea infection was higher than that of chlamydia as South Carolina came in 4th in the nation.

Another statistics by CDC ranks South Carolina in 5th position for the rate of STDs in the country. The high rate of STDs in the area shows that a large portion of the population is not properly educated on these diseases. This may come as a surprises since CDC spends millions annually to educate, treat and help prevent STDs and HIV.

For instance in 2013 alone, $8million was allocated for these programs. However it is important to note that 10 years ago,

  • the county ranked 3rd in case rates of Gonorrhea.
  • 3rd in case rates of Chlamydia.
  • 26th in case rates of Syphilis.
  • 8th in new case rates of AIDS (per 100,000 population).

From these statistics in comparison to 2013 statistics, we observe a slight improvement, though not the desired results of STD education.

STD Testing Rock Hill, SC


STDs and Sexual Health Education


As stated earlier, CDC allocates funds for addressing the rate of STDs in the city. The money is spread through sexual education and health, STDs, prevention and treatment of STDs.

According to CDC sexual health education programs should include behavioral interventions that have been keenly evaluated ad have demonstrated to give significant results. The programs reduce the onset sexual intercourse, delay the age of first sexual intercourse, lower the rate of STDs infections and bolster STD protective behaviors.

In South Carolina, the sexual education program has not incorporated these policies. The city does not make use of the available information and behavioral interventions. This explains the high STD cases in the county. The county’s 2015 State Health Profile indicated that in 2013, 56.6% of adolescents had ever had sexual intercourse and 57.5% of those did not use protection during last sexual encounter. This is worrying as it is one of the major reasons for the spread of STDs and HIV.

Schools in the city are required to teach sexuality and STD education. However, they are not required to teach about HIV and AIDS. The State laws note that “In grades 6 through 8 sexually transmitted diseases are to be included as a part of instruction. And, at least one time during the four years of grades 9–12, each student shall receive at least 750 minutes of reproductive health education and pregnancy prevention education.”

The law further states schools should stress on abstinence until marriage and that a school’s Department of Education should offer staff development activities for sexual health educators.

STD Testing Rock Hill, SC


STD Testing and Clinics


South Carolina’s population is largely made up of whites at 63.9% and African Americans at 27.4%. Despite the large number of whites in the state, the blacks rank higher when it comes to HIV diagnosis. The rate of African Americans living with diagnosed HIV is more than 6 times than the rate of the white community living with diagnosed HIV. More than 7 reported cases of newly diagnosed HIV occur among the black community. Among women, African Americans are reported to have been among 8-10 reported HIV infections.

More young people between 15-25 years are affected by STDs than the older population. Those affected are majorly African Americans. South Carolina has one of the highest infections rates when it comes to the young generation aged 15-19.

A report by CDC notes that 15-19 years old African American reported chlamydia cases 6 times than their white peers. Some of these stats are attributed to the poverty in the county. A comparison of the Latino and white communities indicates that the rate of Latino males living with diagnosed HIV is 2.1 times than that of their white counterparts. As for the females, the rate of the Latinos is higher than white females by 3.1.

  • 70% of people infected with HIV in 2013 were men, and 30% were women.
  • 71% of people infected with diagnosed HIV in 2013 were black, 4% Hispanic, and 23% white.


Sexual Health Benefits of STD Testing


The increasing concern over sexual health places the city at a point where they have to be proactive and more aware of their sexual health. While sex education is rampantly increasing in schools, you can take the initiative and get tested by placing a call and getting scheduled. Tests are no longer more than twenty minutes long and will allow you to continue with your schedules as planned.



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