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Welcome Texarkana, Texas

The city of Texarkana, Texas is located in Bowie County, and is a mix of different cultures from three distinctly different states. It is also facing a shortage of STD clinics as the number of cases of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, C, Herpes, HIV, and Syphilis continue to increase. There are free STD testing centers in Texarkana, TX, but the long lines has many residents choosing a more convenient option. Now you can schedule private STD testing with one phone call and spend only 15 to 20 minutes at the local lab, which still gives you plenty of time to enjoy all that the city has to offer.

The following public facilities provide Texarkana, Texas Area residents with free or low-cost STD tests including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes, HIV, and Syphilis.

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STD Test Statistics in Texarkana, TX

In the last twenty years the city of Texarkana has seen an increase in the number of reported STDs, and health officials fear that these numbers will only continue to increase. Not only are the number of reported cases of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia increasing, but recent statistics also report that Syphilis is also on the rise. According to health officials the number of reported cases of Syphilis has not been this high since the 1940’s. What is making it even more difficult for health officials to track the spread of the disease is that the statistics show that it is not targeting a specific age group.

  • The city and surrounding Bowie County ranked 57th in the nation for percentage of residents with Syphilis.
  • In 2009 there were 53 diagnosed cases of Syphilis in the area.
  • Over 60 percent of the cases of Chlamydia were diagnosed in women under the age of 29.
  • The majority of the Syphilis cases diagnosed in 2014 were Caucasian men.
  • The average age of residents who tested positive for a STD was between 14 to 39 during a five year period.

STD Testing and Sexual Health

STD Testing Texarkana, TX

Like most of the state the city of Texarkana does not have a comprehensive sex education program in its independent school district, and it relies on parents to inform their children about the risks and dangers associated with unprotected sex and STDs. While the abstinence based program is helping to slow down the rate of teen pregnancies, it is not preventing the spread of most sexually transmitted diseases. Until students and parents understand how STDs are spread, and that some can be contracted without sexual activity the percentage of infections will continue to rise in teens and young adults in the area.

Preventing STD Infections

While abstinence will help to prevent unplanned pregnancies in teenagers, it will not stop the spread of all sexually transmitted diseases. Some STDs can be passed through casual contact or from risky behavior, but until students and parents understand the importance of taking care of their sexual health the number of residents infected with a transmittable disease will continue to rise. Herpes testing in Texarkana can not only prevent the spread of the virus from casual contact, it can also help to stop embarrassing cold sores form forming. HIV tests in Texarkana are important to your overall health, and the best way to prevent the disease from turning into AIDs.

Demographics and STD Testing

The demographical makeup of Texarkana does play a role in the high rate of STDs, especially among the city’s large number of low income residents. While the majority of the city is below the national annual average income, and this is affecting residents’ ability to afford proper healthcare the main contributing factor to the high percentage of STDs is the lack of education in the independent school district. The state and federal governments have implemented funding for lower income families to provide adequate health care, but not all STD checkups are covered. Until city officials understand the risk of not taking care of your sexual health the number of residents infected with a STD will continue to rise.

STD Testing for Good Sexual Health

STD Testing Texarkana, TX

The city of Texarkana is experiencing a rise in the number of STD reported, and recent statistics suggest that this percentage will only increase in the future. The lack of education in the schools is putting students and young adults at risk, and the health centers are having problems keeping up with the number of new patients. Some residents are choosing to schedule a confidential STD test in Texarkana and avoiding the long lines at the clinics. You can spend a few minutes at the lab taking care of your sexual health, and still have plenty of time to walk around the streets downtown.


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