What are the STI test options in Penn Hills,PA?

Despite efforts by the Allegheny County Health Department (ACDH) to reduce the number of residents affected by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in Penn Hills, PA, the reported cases continue to escalate. The 2014 Annual STD Report released by the ACDH showed that chlamydia is the most common STD in the county.

According to the ACDH, there has been an upward trend in chlamydia rates reported over the years. The STD had 6,017 cases reported in 2016. 2015 saw Allegheny County record 5,850 chlamydia cases while 2014 had 5,710 diagnoses.

The number of gonorrhoea cases reported in 2014 was 2,084. In 2015, the reported diagnoses of the sexually transmitted infection (STI) reduced to 1,944 but slightly increased in 2016, with 2,018 cases being recorded.

The Allegheny County Health Department revealed in 2017 that the cases of both primary and secondary syphilis had decreased. They were 87 diagnoses made in 2016, 42 less those that were reported in 2015.

The ACDH has put in place measures to fight STIs in the region. One of them is through the establishment of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases & HIV/AIDS Program. Its purpose is to control the spread of STDs by enabling residents to take better care of their sexual health.

One of the health clinics in Penn Hills, PA, where you can get tested for STIs is the Allegheny County Health Department Public Health Clinic at 1908 Wylie Ave, Pittsburgh. You can also visit the Allegheny County Health Department at 542 Fourth Ave, Pittsburgh for STI tests.

Some nearby public clinics may provide free STD testing services. However, the tests might not be comprehensive, and they may consider your income to determine your eligibility for them.

Which one is right for you?