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Welcome Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina is the county seat of Greenville County and a hustling and bustling city filled with many things to do. With so much going on, getting tested for STD’s may be something that many people don’t add to their long list of activities, however, it’s a necessary part of maintaining good common sense health. Staying abreast of the current sexual health trends in the city can help people to practice safer sex and help drive home the importance of getting tested. Better yet, is the fact that getting tested is easy with so many STD clinics, private STD testing facilities, and free STD clinics in Greenville, SC.

The following public facilities provide Greenville, South Carolina Area residents with free or low-cost STD tests including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes, HIV, and Syphilis.

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STD Test Statistics in Greenville


The rates of STD’s continue to grow, especially among the. Emergency medical workers noticed this trend in late 2016 and attributed it to inadequate sexual education as well as those being tested due to finding out a partner’s infected status.

The grassroots group, Tell them SC feels the need to improve sex-ed classes by advocating amendments to the old Comprehensive Sex Education Act of 1988. They believe changes in the training for health education teachers, as well as a medically accurate health curriculum, are needed changes to reduce the impact that STD’s have had on the youth. Additional reasons for the growth of STD’s among the young were attributed to social media and feelings of invincibility on the part of youth.

Most incidences of many of these diseases rest heavily on the shoulders of young people age 15-24. The city has taken an active position in terms of treatment and education as a result of the growing number of cases among young people. There is a belief that many young people are too embarrassed to practice safe sex by using condoms but still continue an active sex life, further spreading STD’s.


STD Rates in Greenville


  • Chlamydia rates are 417.5 per 100,000 people
  • Early Latent Syphilis are 4.3 per 100,000 people
  • Gonorrhea rates are153.7 per 100,000 people



STD Testing Greenville, SC


STD Testing is a Fundamental Part of Sexual Health and Education


Many young people begin engaging in sexual activity without a basic understanding of health risks that come from engaging in unprotected sex and risky behaviors. The CDC is dedicated to funding programs that help with the city’s effort to reduce STD’s.

The CDC is also responsible for funding school programs on HIV prevention. These programs educate young people about the dangers of unprotected sex and high-risk behaviors and offer ways to protect themselves to eliminate risks and infections. As with any STD, the approach to protecting and educating young people is generally the same, emphasizing education and the need to protect themselves. The CDC contributes over 7.9 million to the HIV/AIDS initiatives and over 1.7 million to all other STD initiatives.


HIV & Herpes Testing


HIV and herpes continue to grow and as a result, these tests should always be included in any STD testing available to residents. There are many facilities that offer this testing and even provide same-day results. Private testing facilities may be an option if you want to receive results a bit quicker without crowds and long waits.


How City Demographics Affect Sexual Health


The link between poverty and other socio-economic problems seems to coincide with a greater prevalence of STD’s. Many young people start having sex without an understanding of the health risks, aside from becoming pregnant. This adds to the rising number of STD’s that continue to be diagnosed and reported. A lack of healthcare resources may also be a contributing factor. The number of healthcare facilities within a particular area may be limited making it difficult to get the education and care needed to prevent high rates of STD’s.

There are many variables that come into play when it comes to poverty and its effect on education and healthcare. This is why current and past STD trends continue to back the rising number of sexually transmitted diseases among poor people. Diminished education and healthcare seem to be high among poor people. This is why those who aren’t truly aware of the risks continue to fall victim to the perils of STD’s.

With additional funding, more healthcare options have become available, making it easy for those in poverty-stricken areas to get the vital education and care they need to decrease the number of cases of STD’s. Access to education and treatment are key tools within the city and actively work as effective tools used to help fight the war against STD’s and their close relationship to poverty.

STD Testing Greenville, SC


The Benefits of Confidential STD Testing


A person’s health and wellness are important precursors when it comes to quality of life. Having access to convenient and confidential STD testing in the area is vital to the overall health of the city’s residents. Luckily, the number of resources for this type of testing continues to grow.

Residents have a wide variety of testing sites available that can serve them well, many even offer same day results. If long lines and waiting periods are something you don’t want to deal with, private testing is always a viable option. The waiting time is often brief and many test results are available within a short amount of time as well.

Overall, many of the rising numbers of STD’s can be linked to a lack of education and resources. This is why education is such a fundamental part of this puzzle. Young people lead the numbers of new cases every year, making education in the schools a big part of the solution. Because poverty should not be a precursor to the prevalence of STD’s, making healthcare more convenient to those with a low socioeconomic status is very important. Education and access to quality healthcare will always be powerful tools that can be used to fight the war against STD’s. Changes to old ways of teaching the need to be tested and practicing safe sex have been suggested ways of making changes to the growing number of people in the city affected by STD’s.




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