What are the STI test options in Greenville,SC?

Young adults and late teens are at the greatest risk for sexually transmitted diseases, and living in a Southern state increases that risk factor because the South is currently at the forefront of the national STD epidemic. South Carolina ranks as the 6th most sexually diseased state in the country, but you can stay safe with information and regular STD testing.

Across the state, there were 9,300 cases of gonorrhea reported in 2016 and almost 1,000 cases of syphilis. Greenville accounted for 723 of the gonorrhea cases and 81 of the syphilis cases across the state.

These numbers are actually a slight reduction from the year prior, which reported 736 gonorrhea cases and 91 syphilis cases. In order to maintain a downward trend and reverse the epidemic rise of national STD prevalence it’s important to maintain safe practices. Not only are STDs on the rise but there are alarming trends like a rise in antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea.

State officials have prioritized reducing the epidemic with campaigns to raise awareness for the importance of testing and prevention, and offer support and assistance to those affected. Free STD testing is one of these but it is not always possible to find a doctor on-call during your visit.

Greenville has many choices, from AID Upstate on South Calhoun Street to the New Horizon Family Health Services Incorporated on Mallard Street, and many more.

Which one is right for you?