What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Augusta,ME?

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention noted a slight decrease in the number of newly diagnosed HIV infections between 2014 and 2015 in Central Maine which hosts Kennebec County. The report affirmed that in 2015, there were 6 new cases reported at a prevalence rate of 13 percent for every 100,000 individuals, while the previous year had registered 7 cases at a rate of 12 percent.

The number of Gonorrhea cases showed a minute increase, with 28 cases being documented at a rate of 12 percent in 2014 compared to 30 cases registered in 2015 at a prevalence rate of 7 percent.

In 2015, the number of new Syphilis diagnoses recorded indicated an upward shift which saw 12 new cases at a rate of 24 percent in every 100,000 cases, while in 2014, there were no new cases reported.

The summarized STD/HIV surveillance report depicted a substantial increase in the number of Chlamydia cases reported between 2014 and 2015. 476 cases were documented at a rate of 14 percent for every 100,000 individuals in 2014 which was a sharp contrast to the 593 cases brought forth in 2015 at a rate of 15 percent.

The residents of Kennebec County have identified inadequate health literacy levels, low incomes, and lack of access to primary care as some of the major contributors towards inconsequential dissemination of medical services. As such, the county’s public health officials have initiated community programs that have assisted in generating income, availing basic health education, and increasing public resources allocation towards providing insurance coverage.

Any person seeking centers that may avail STD testing can find clinics in Augusta, ME. Some of the health centers include Augusta Family Planning, Health Equity Alliance, Maine Family Planning, and Gardiner Family Medicine. 

Even though some of the centers offer free STD testing, you may have to receive medical services exclusively on an appointment basis, and the results might not be immediate.