What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Windham,ME?

Strategies to curb and prevent further HIV incidences in Windham, ME, seem to be effective because the number of HIV cases reduced almost three times from 55 in 2014 to 17 diagnoses in 2015.

Another STD that had a downward trend was Chlamydia, which significantly declined from 827 cases in 2014 to 789 new infections in 2015, a sign of healthy sexual behaviors like protection.

However, Gonorrhea cases went up more than two times to 143 in 2015 from the reported 60 infections in 2014. Primary, secondary, and latent Syphilis reported 20 more numbers in 2015 than in 2014, which had 6 cases.

The drastic increase in Gonorrhea and Syphilis indicates the city has improved its testing capacity, thus doing more tests than the previous year.               

To reduce the STD infection rate and suppress HIV transmission, the Cumberland County Health Department provides sexual health education in communities, groups, and classes. The health department offers confidential testing services to residents, thus increasing the number of tests. It also uses available research and data to access financial support from stakeholders and secure consistent funding streams for STD screening in traditional and nontraditional settings.

Windham, ME, is home to many healthcare centers offering affordable free STD testing, but the testing hours and availability might not be consistent. In the case of paid tests, the costs might be dependent on income and welfare eligibility. 

You might consider going to Planned Parenthood- Portland Health Center and Maine Medical Center Urgent Care Plus for sexual health services. Other health centers providing STD/HIV testing, screening, care, and treatment are Maine Medical Portland, ME and Northern Light Mercy Hospital.