What are the STI test options in Gladstone,MO?

Gladstone, a suburb city in Kansas has a population of about 25,410 people according to the 2010 U.S census. STD infection rate had skyrocketed in 2016 with a 26.6% increase in gonorrhea, 7.6% in syphilis and 8% in chlamydia.

According to the CDC Kansas City Statistics, STD infection rate has alarmingly increased. In 2016, chlamydia cases were 4525 up by 8.2% from 2015, 2,096 cases of gonorrhea up by 26.6%, 132 cases of Primary and secondary syphilis up by 17.5% and 3.3% respectively, and 201 cases of early syphilis were reported up by 10%. There were 5 cases of congenital syphilis in 2016 and zero in 2015.

CDC notes that incidences of Syphilis have jumped up by a big margin raising concerns on its control and prevention. Males have been the disproportionate group although women who have sex with men who had sex with other men were greatly infected. Congenital syphilis cases were worrying with many reported stillbirths and infant deaths linked to it.

Health authorities in Gladstone, Missouri have set up several STD testing centers that offer comprehensive screening and treatment to patients who test positive for STDs along with educating them.

Planned Parenthood, Gladstone Health Center based in 2900 NE 60th Street suite 100, Cabot Westside Medical Center on Summit St, Kansas and Samuel U Rodgers Health Center on 825 Euclid Avenue, Kansas City are some of the available public health facilities in Missouri.

Some local clinics within Gladstone may offer free STD testing to the public. However, these programs may involve long wait times and the testing centers may not support multiple payments methods.

Which one is right for you?