What are the STI test options in State College,PA?

In 2015, Penn State was ranked second in sexual health among Big Ten schools, after Rutgers, due to the relatively low STD rates in College Town and Centre County. The county had an HIV prevalence rate of 106 per 100K people in 2015, much lower than Pennsylvania’s rate of 314.

In 2016, they had a chlamydia rate of 414.7—unfortunately, that has been going up.

The gonorrhea and (primary and secondary) syphilis rates were 36.7 and 1.9. Health officials recommend that sexually active people use protection and get tested regularly, even if they don’t think they are infected. They also recommend getting the HPV vaccine, especially for students.

There are a few clinics in State College. There is at least one nonprofit that provides free STD testing, but there may be a wait. Penn State’s Health Center provides screening for STIs at a low cost. The service is confidential and will not appear on the student’s college records. The Centre County State Health Center, on Green Tech Dr, tests for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis on a sliding fee scale.

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STD Statistics In Centre County, PA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Centre County, PA. Data is normalized to accurately report Centre County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in State College, PA

There is good news for visitors and residents of State College the current STD rates are low compared to the national average. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are all below the national averages and HIV is also slightly below state and nation averages. Recent stats show:

  • Ranked 30th among 50 states in chlamydial infections
  • Reported rates of chlamydia among women were 2.1 times greater than those among men
  • Ranked 31st among the 50 states in TB rates
  • Has HIV rates of .1% per of the region’s population

In Pennsylvania hepatitis statistics are documented by state and not by region. Between 2009 and 2013:

  • Reported rates of acute hepatitis A did not increase.
  • Reported rates of acute hepatitis B decreased by 63%.
  • Reported rates of acute hepatitis C increased by 100%.

With a median age of 21 years in the region, perhaps this sexual health reflects the willingness of today’s youth to talk openly about sexual health. With at least five clinics through the region STD testing is becoming a regular part of healthcare, like having your teeth cleaned or a regular physical.

HIV testing is available at 2 local clinics with a 2-4 week wait time for results. The rate of new infection in the area is similar to the National statistic with men and women showing equal rates of infection.

Herpes testing can be done on site at all clinics and results times vary so it is best to check with each provider prior to testing. Herpes rates are also comparable to the national statistics.

STD Testing State College, PA

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near
State College,PA

Pregnancy Resource Clinic


STD Testing at 423 S Pugh St, State College, PA 16801, USA

Pregnancy Resource Clinic is a non-profit medical facility that encourages, educates, and empowers men and women to make informed life choices on the best health-care practices to follow. Some of the services physicians provide include abortion education, ultrasound, and pregnancy testing. They also offer precise STD testing, diagnosis, and treatment services, and results may be available 7 days after testing.


Doctors offer free STD testing and treatment services to men and women without considering their ages, colors, sexual orientations, or marital statuses. Also, clients require valid photo IDs to receive STD services.


Clinicians provide medication to treat bacterial STDs. The medical team may also offer treatment referrals for Syphilis and HIV. Moreover, if you test negative, you may receive guidance on STD prevention measures which include PrEP medication, dental dams, condoms, and lubes.


Health-care providers offer free and confidential STD services. Additionally, the clinic has a helpline that is operational for 24 hours, and it enables clinicians to attend to clients’ emergencies. Also, you may book appointments to receive STD services at Pregnancy Resource Clinic.


423 S Pugh St, State College, PA 16801, USA


STD Testing at Pregnancy Resource Clinic


Crossroads Pregnancy Center


STD Testing at 424 Washington St, Huntingdon, PA 16652, USA

Crossroads Pregnancy Center was founded in 1985, and it serves the communities living in Huntingdon, Mifflin, and Juniata counties of Pennsylvania. Its compassionate and kind medical team is proficient in offering STD testing and treatment services. Physicians also offer ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, and baby items to new mothers.


Clients may receive free STD testing and treatment regardless of their sexual orientations, races, disability status, or religious beliefs.


Nurse practitioners prescribe medication to treat persons who test positive for STDs and offer referrals to those who need special medical care. You may also receive dental dams or condoms to prevent you from contracting an STD.  Additionally, physicians offer guidance and counseling services. 


You may call or text to schedule an appointment with a health-care provider. Moreover, physicians offer anonymous tests and provide results in person, so you’re bound to receive confidential services. Also, clients may benefit from free services.


424 Washington St, Huntingdon, PA 16652, USA


STD Testing at Crossroads Pregnancy Center


Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near
State College,PA

AIDS Resource


STD Testing at 129 S Sparks St, State College, PA 16801, USA

AIDS Resource was founded in 1988 to offer comprehensive HIV prevention programs and to provide health care to PLWHA in Pennsylvania. Apart from STD testing and treatment, the experienced clinicians also provide mental and vision and smoking cessation health services. HIV tests are done by the use of a finger stick, and you may receive results in about 30 minutes.


Clinicians administer free STD testing services without consideration of age, gender, sexual orientation, income, or marital status.


You may receive guidance and counseling services and medication prescriptions if your diagnosis is positive. Additionally, the medical team offers PrEP services and issues free condoms to prevent negative clients from contracting STDs. 


The Case Management Program helps HIV positive clients to receive linkage to medical care and financial assistance programs such as the AIDS Drug Assistance Program. Moreover, the staff provides transportation assistance, food pantries, and housing assistance programs. Additionally, you may receive confidential STD services on a walk-in or appointment booking basis.


129 S Sparks St, State College, PA 16801, USA


STD Testing at AIDS Resource


Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near
State College,PA

Planned Parenthood - Harrisburg Medical Health Center of Harrisburg, PA


STD Testing at 1514 N 2nd St, Harrisburg, PA 17102, USA

Harrisburg Medical Health Center of Harrisburg, PA, is a Planned Parenthood clinic that offers health-care services for various medical fields, including sexual health, pediatrics, and gynecology. The staff is also experienced in conducting STD testing and treatment. HIV tests are done using blood draws, and clients may receive their results in about 14 days.


Medical practitioners offer STD testing and treatment on a sliding fee scale to self-pay clients, and physicians may also accept private and public insurance covers.


Condoms, dental dams, and HPV vaccines are some of the STD prevention options clinicians provide. Additionally, you may receive medication if you test positive for bacterial STDs. Also, referrals are available for HIV counseling and treatment.


Depending on the type of service you want, you may schedule an appointment or walk into the clinic. Moreover, clinicians offer discreet and personalized STD services. Also, the medical team offers interpretation services to clients who don’t speak English or Spanish.


1514 N 2nd St, Harrisburg, PA 17102, USA


STD Testing at Planned Parenthood - Harrisburg Medical Health Center of Harrisburg, PA


City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near State College,PA

Juniata County State Health Center


STD Testing at 809 Market St, Port Royal, PA 17082, USA

Juniata County State Health Center is a public health clinic run by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and it offers equitable medical services to residents of Mifflin county. Its medical team is adroit in offering services such as pediatrics, immunizations, family planning, and oral health. STD testing and treatment services are also available at the health center.


Physicians offer free HIV tests, and clients who seek other STD tests may benefit from a sliding fee scale. Moreover, if you can’t manage to pay your bills, you may qualify for a state-funded program.


Clinicians may provide HPV and Hepatitis vaccines as well as condoms and dental dams to persons who are STD negative. Additionally, the medical team may offer medication to treat positive patients.


Medical practitioners provide accurate STD tests. Additionally, clients need to book appointments to seek health-care services. However, you may choose to walk in and be served on a first-come-first-served basis. Also, the health department receives grants to offer housing assistance to HIV positive clients with low incomes.


809 Market St, Port Royal, PA 17082, USA


STD Testing at Juniata County State Health Center


Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near
State College,PA



STD Testing at 550 N Progress Ave, Harrisburg, PA 17109, USA

MinuteClinic is an urgent care clinic that offers in-depth primary care services to its clients. Its medical practitioners are well-trained in offering a wide array of quality health-care services, including treatment of minor injuries, vaccinations, sports physicals, and women’s health care. Moreover, you may receive STD testing and treatment services.


Clinicians accept some insurances, and self-pay clients may use cash, checks, or credit cards to pay for bills. Additionally, services are available to clients aged 18 years and above.


If you test positive for Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, or HIV, you may receive treatment referrals. Also, Hepatitis and HPV vaccines are available. If you test positive for bacterial STDs, you may receive medication prescriptions. 


The staff offers confidential STD services on a walk-in basis. Moreover, the medical team works for extended hours, including weekends. You may also receive STD services in the comfort of your home by conducting video visits with a medical practitioner.


550 N Progress Ave, Harrisburg, PA 17109, USA


STD Testing at MinuteClinic


The clinic is closed for lunch hours from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm from Monday to Friday and from 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm during weekends

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in State College, PA

The law does not require that sexual education be delivered and each local school board decides whether or not they will teach it and what topics they will discuss. Pennsylvania has been part of the community that has received funds for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs and yet the state law does require STD and HIV education.

This type of mixed-message delivered to teens makes for confusing facts around safe prevention of STDs. Fortunately for residents the national coalition to support sexuality education has been vocal in ensuring appropriate STD education and information is available at all local schools. Unfortunately a recent effort to have condoms distributed in schools was blocked meaning that teens who want to access condoms need to go to a health center.

Suggestions for improved sexual health education that have been suggested are:

  • Begin sexual health curriculum prior to high school
  • Offer sexual health clinics within schools
  • Make condoms available to students
  • Recognize that an abstinence based philosophy contradicts the stats that show teens are sexually active

The local colleges both have health centers that provide information, education and testing. These are accessible by students as well as the local population and they play a key role in maintaining the good sexual health status in the region. Through STD education and treatment the community is taking charge of their health.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in State College, PA

As in many areas with such a youthful population, the young and less educated appear to have the highest risk therefore much of the local outreach work done has focused on this population. Clearly, local health workers are getting this message across as the decrease in STD transmission is consistent in the region comparing stats today from 20 years ago show improved rates compared to the National trends.

Although the area has a young demographic with a higher than typical poverty rate, this may simply be due to the disparity between the ‘starving students’ and the medical professionals and professors in the community. Despite incomes being at the poverty level, the State College community health workers don’t see as many “at-risk” populations with addictions or homelessness as other areas of the state.

There is less racial variety here than in some states. The population is largely Caucasian and black. The community is slowly becoming more open to topics of sexual orientation which also helps to decrease the stigma that can be associated with some STDs and that population.

STD Testing State College, PA

Better Sexual Health in State College, PA

The area faces a similar problem to many cities, finding the balance between public health education and STD prevention. Figuring out how to make the most of this expensive and time-consuming dilemma means ensuring adequate number of sexual health clinics are available in the region. Currently, there is a mix of private clinics which offer STD and HIV testing confidentially, quickly, and conveniently. There are also free clinic options.

Remember, having STDs diagnosed at an early stage which will increase the chance of successful treatment and reduce the chance of continued spread of disease. Early and frequent testing is the key to keeping your health safe.

Times and attitudes around STD prevention and treatment are changing. Embarrassment and guilt once associated with STDs is slowly disappearing as minds are opened and educated.

If you are sexually active, if you have changed partners recently, or if you may have symptoms of an infection, get yourself to the clinic. There’s no need to wait; there are same-day appointments or discrete and private options available. And if that doesn’t help you, there are always in-home test kits you can easily order online. The peace of mind that comes from a clean bill of health is that simple!


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