What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Beaver Dam,WI?

Beaver Dam, WI, a city in Dodge County, recorded an HIV rate of 120 for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019 after a decline from 146 per 100,000 population in 2017.

HIV infections went down from 194 to 91, a significant drop that implied the strategies used to reduce the number of new infections were very useful.

Chlamydia was also prevalent in Beaver Dam as it was at the rate of 307.9 in 2017, reduced to the rate of 285.6 in 2018, and went up to 407.9 in 2019.

There were 13 Gonorrhea cases at a rate of 15 identified among the city residents as of 2016.
Additionally, there were few Syphilis infections in the city, with only 2 cases at a rate of 2 reported by the end of 2016.    

Dodge County Public Health Department, together with the Social Services Department, is committed to eradicate or reduce HIV/AIDS and STDs by providing testing services, prevention education of HIV and STDs, Hepatitis A and B vaccines, treatment services, and care programs.                

Beaver Dam, WI has several clinics and healthcare facilities that offer free STD testing services. However, some of the tests can be free and not comprehensive, and you might be required to wait as the results might not be immediate. 

Planned Parenthood- Madison East Health Center and Aurora Urgent Care clinics are among the city’s health care clinics that you can consider for HIV/STD testing. Other hospitals in Beaver Dam, WI, that are easily accessible for STD testing within the city are Beaver Dam Community Hospital and UW Health Beaver Dam Clinic.