What are the STI test options in New Berlin,WI?

There are many communicable diseases reported in New Berlin, WI, in Waukesha County every year and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) top that list.  The 2016 STD Waukesha County report showed that there were 787 infections of chlamydia that were reported that year. The STD’s rates were highest when compared to those of other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

During that year, as per the report, 112 new gonorrheal diagnoses were made. With 14 reported infections, syphilis had a rate of 4 infections per 100,000 residents in Waukesha County in 2016.

According to the Wisconsin HIV Surveillance Annual Review released in 2017, Waukesha County had five new HIV diagnoses that year. People affected by sexually transmitted diseases in Waukesha County included men, women, men having sex with men, and school-going adolescents.

One of the agencies that target lower rates of HIV cases in New Berlin, WI, is the Wisconsin HIV Program. It promotes testing for the virus and awareness so that residents of the region can take better care of their sexual health.

Testing for STDs is also provided at the Waukesha County Sexually Transmitted Disease and HIV Clinic. Another medical facility that you can go to is the Planned Parenthood – Waukesha Health Center.

During some days, you may find free STD testing services being offered at a few health clinics within New Berlin, WI. On the downside, they might not cover all sexually transmitted infections. They might also charge you if you wish to consult the doctor, not to mention the lack of privacy/anonymity. Also, your testing results might be logged in your permanent health record.

Which one is right for you?