What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Clinton,UT?

Data from Davis county reported that there was an increase of Chlamydia cases from 1094 infections in 2017 to 1158 in 2018, amounting to 5.9 percent. Chlamydia infections were more in women than men. Statistics show 389.8 cases per 100000  for females were recorded as compared to 197.9 per 100000 for men.

There was a 30 percent increment of Gonorrhea cases reported between 20117 and 2018. The number of cases listed in 2017 was 171 while those reported in 2018 summed up to 223. The age group highly affected by Gonorrhea was 20 to 24 years of age. 

Davis county health records showed that, in 2018, Chlamydia was the STD with the highest percentage of infections with a total of 81 percent Gonorrhea took up 15.6 percent, Syphilis all stages 2.5 percent, and HIV/AIDS 0.8 percent of the total STDs recorded.

In 2009, Utah Department of Health was offered a state grant to put in place a public social media platform to expose the falseness of myths about STD infections, promote STD prevention, and give answers to the population about STD inquiries.

Some of the clinics around Clinton city that offer STD testing and treatment to the population include Planned Parenthood Ogden Health center located in Ogden, Davis County Health Department, and South Redwood Public Health Center in West Jordan.

Other options you may choose for STD testing and treatment include Tanner Clinic in Clinton and Northern Utah HIV/AIDS Project in Ogden.

Although some clinics offer free STD testing and treatment, a number of the facilities may have a fee charged on some STD tests. Some of the tests might also not be comprehensive.