What are the STI test options in North Davis,UT?

Davis County has seen a spike in the rates of STDs over several years now. In 2017, 1,127 cases of Chlamydia were recorded with a rate of 324.2 incidences per 100,000 cases. 5,072 cases were reported in 2016 while 569 cases were recorded in 2008, indicating a significant increase.

Gonorrhea had a rate of 52.1 per 100,000 cases. The number of cases increased from 131 in 2016 to 181 cases in 2017. The numbers have significantly grown from only 24 cases in 2008 to 181 cases.

Primary and secondary Syphilis had the lowest prevalence rates in the county. Only 5 people were recorded in 2015, 2016, and 2017 with a rate of 1.4 per 100,000. Although the rates are significantly low, an increase of 4 cases has been noted.

Davis County Department of Health is working through the local health centers to offer low-cost STD testing services all around its cities.

There several STD testing options with the city where you can get convenient and fast testing services. One of the clinics is the Medical Arts Center Clinic of Brigham City, which is located in Medical Dr. Ste.

Davis County Health Department (Clearfield Main Campus) on State St Ste, Community Health Center Incorporated (Stephen D Ratcliffe Community Health Center), and Planned Parenthood (Center of Odgen) located on Harrison Blvd also offer quality testing services.

Although some clinics offer free STD testing services, they are usually characterized by long queues. So, remember to be a little patient.

Which one is right for you?