What are the STI test options in Jackson,MI?

From the Cascades to the I-94 interchange, Jackson is a city thrumming with activity. They are also in the middle of a rampant upswing in STDs.

During the five years from 2014 to 2018, Jackson has seen a whopping 33.6% increase in its STD prevalence rate. This is in direct opposition to the city’s impressive and unprecedented drop in HIV prevalence rates during that same period. A drop of 72.7% while the state rate rose by 3.6%.

Jackson is a community recovering from the AIDS crisis of previous decades. We fought our way out of that, now we need to fight back the wave of STD that threatens our community.

Any Michiganders in the Jackson area who are looking for places that might offer STD and HIV testing are in luck. There are several health centers and clinics within the city from which to choose.

First and foremost is the Jackson County Health Department on Lansing Avenue. They may offer these screening services among their other community offerings.

Planned Parenthood has two locations that might be able to provide these services. The Jackson Health Clinic is on West Michigan Avenue in Jackson while the Ann Arbor West Health Center is located roughly 32 miles away on North Jackson Street in Ann Arbor.

The Center for Family Health has many offices throughout Jackson which could also provide these sorts of tests. These include their main office on North Jackson Street, Jackson High Health Center on Wildwood Avenue, Northeast Health Center on Fleming Street, Teen Health Center at Parkside on Fourth Street, and Northwest Community Health Center on Rives Junction Road.

Some places offer free STD testing but it may not be equal to that offered otherwise. These services may charge for doctor consultation if one is available at all and might not be as private as you would like. 

Which one is right for you?