What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Adrian,MI?

Adrian, MI is one of the most populated cities in Michigan, but its sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates are discouraging. The past decade has seen health officials in Lenawee County record more cases of syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV/AIDs.

The Annual STD Summary Report in Michigan revealed that Lenawee County had 310 chlamydia incidences in 2017. Those of gonorrhea during the same year in the county were 48 while primary and secondary syphilis had 4 cases, with a rate of 4.1.

“Get Yourself Tested” is a campaign in Michigan that focuses on creating STD awareness, even among the residents of Lenawee County. It helps the youth understand why STD testing is critical and teaches effective STD preventive measures that they can take.

Finding a health facility to get tested for an STD in Adrian, MI is easy. There is Lenawee County Health Department, ProMedica Bixby Hospital, Bixby Medical Center, University Hospital – University of Michigan, St. Luke’s Hospital, Saint Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital, and Fulton County Health Center.

Some of the health facilities in the region may be offering free STD testing at the time of your visit. However, you may be frustrated by the many hours you have to wait to get the tests not to mention that you might get your results after a week or two. Another disadvantage about free STD clinics is that they might only test for free when you have symptoms. Also multiple payment options might not be available.