What are the STI test options in Oak Ridge,TN?

Knoxville Public Health region has continuously recorded increasing rates of STDs over several years, and it is becoming a massive burden to the residents and the local public health departments.

In 2017, 1,049 residents were found to be living with HIV at a rate of 227.1 per 100,000 cases. 811 of the people living with the virus were males while 232 were females.

On the other hand, 1,333 incidences of Chlamydia were reported in 2017 in Knoxville regions, which include Oak Ridge, with a rate of 288.6 per 100,000 cases. That same year, 103 incidences of Syphilis were reported with an incidence rate of 22.3 per 100,000 cases.

The Tennessee Department of Health, through the HIV/STD program, partners with other local county government health departments in the hope of ending the massive increase in the number of people getting infected each year.

You could get STD testing services conveniently from the clinics located in and around Oak Ridge. For instance, Tennessee Department of Health located in Main Street, Clinton, Knox County Health Department in Old Cedar Bluff, Knoxville, and Choices Resource Center are some of the facilities that provide decent STD testing and treatment services to the residents.

In search of free STD testing services? You can look out for the STD awareness events and campaigns in the area. The major challenge, however, would be long waiting times and long queues since most people would also want to take advantage of the services. Additionally, some of the tests may not be fully comprehensive.

Which one is right for you?