What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Clifton,CO?

Mesa County health data suggested an increase in the number of HIV cases in Clifton, a census-designated place in Mesa County. The infections rose from 85 at a rate of 71 in 2013 to 99 at a rate of 81 by 2017.

Chlamydia was the most pervasive STI in the county, and its rate of infection rose from 376.1 per 100,000 persons in 2013 to 412.8 by 2017.

Gonorrhea infections were not as widespread as Chlamydia, but its infections multiplied to an incidence rate of 72.4 in 2017 per 100,000 persons from the previously reported rate of 21.7 in 2013. 

An increment in Syphilis infections was noted in the county health reports more so in the male population. In 2013 there were no reported Syphilis cases, but at the end of 2013, the rate of the infections was 5.3 per 100,000 persons.

Mesa County Department of Health has integrated the entire early intervention, linkage, and retention system to effectively serve people living with HIV/AIDS, and it works side by side with local health care providers in the county to reduce the community’s level of bacterial and viral infections.   

Planned Parenthood – Glenwood Springs Health Center and Cedar Point Health – Urgent Care are some of the clinics in Clifton that provide a variety of sexual health services. Other hospitals that may have the capacity to offer reproductive health care include Community Care of the Grand Valley and Mesa County Health Department.

Free STD testing may not be available in most of the health centers in the town, but if you are lucky to receive the tests, then you may have to book an appointment and also pay for a doctor’s consultation.