What are the STI test options in Colorado Springs,CO?

In Colorado Springs, 891 per 100,000 Coloradans were diagnosed with Chlamydia in 2012. While, overall El Paso county is seeing a decrease in cases, STI’s are still a problem in the Colorado Springs area. Chlamydia is diagnosed at twice the national rate in Colorado Springs zip codes 80910/80916. It can go undiagnosed because it often shows no symptoms.

While, the rates continue to climb nationally, the STD rates in Colorado Springs, Colorado have seen a slight decline in cases.

There are STI testing center options available in Colorado Springs. These include the Planned Parenthood on Centennial Blvd. on the westside of town. Other options are also available located on Weber Street and at the pregnancy center on Gallery Road in central Colorado Springs.

Free STD testing is also available at certain locations. One is the Pikes Peak Gay & Lesbian Community Center on East Bijou St. The Urban Peak Colorado Springs is another option, though both ask that you make an appointment.

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STD Statistics In El Paso County, CO



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for El Paso County, CO. Data is normalized to accurately report El Paso County STD Breakdown.

Colorado Springs, CO offers a large assortment of activities for both tourists and locals alike. A trip to the family friendly zoo or perhaps couples visiting would enjoy the range of night time activities such as casinos, fine dining and other entertainment offerings. With a rich array of social offerings comes the need for awareness about maintaining good sexual health. Statistics show that there are concerns about outbreaks of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, C, Herpes, HIV and Syphilis in the area. The good news is that there are STD clinics that offer private STD testing. There are also free STD testing centers available in Colorado Springs, Colorado for those who cannot afford testing fees. The ordering is quick,easy and only takes 15-20 minutest of your time.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Colorado Springs, CO

The past year has shown an increase in cases of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and HIV infections as seen in the chart below:

  • STD 2012 2013
  • Chlamydia – 272 275
  • Gonorrhea- 49 74
  • HIV- 1 3

STD Testing Colorado Springs, CO

These statistics show an increase in diagnosed cases, but they also suggest that more people are being tested to find out if they have been infected with any type of STD. It is vital for the maintenance of good sexual health for anyone who is at risk for infection to receive this type of screening as symptoms may not appear for long periods of time, if ever. Immediate and periodic testing helps to prevent the spread of STDs.

Data is collected from the many clinics, hospitals and doctor’s offices that offer STD testing. It is done anonymously to protect the identity of the clients and only pertinent demographic information is included in the figures. There are undoubtedly many unreported cases in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area which have yet to be diagnosed. In many cases, people who are infected may not be aware that they are. Consequently, the infections will be passed on to partners without their knowledge.

STD Testing Colorado Springs, CO

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Colorado Springs, CO

When more people become aware of the likelihood of contracting an STD from unsafe sex, attitudes begin to change. In addition to benefiting from knowing the results from STD testing, clients have access to helpful information about staying sexually healthy. Professionals in the field of sexual health provide answers to questions, tips about safe sex, what factors place you in an at risk group, and how often you should be tested for STDs.

Students in public and private schools are routinely given factual education about the dangers of unsafe or unprotected sex. While much of the focus is placed on avoiding unwanted pregnancy, just as importantly, valuable information about the consequences of contracting an STD is offered. The State of Colorado makes every effort to educated the population about safe sexual practices and the need for STD testing for anyone who is at risk.

STD Clinic Information in Colorado Springs, CO

The information collected from STD clinics includes the demographics that reveal who is at the highest risk for contracting a sexually transmitted disease. These statistics show that females within the 13 to 24 year age group have the highest rates for being diagnosed with Chlamydia. This is followed by males over the age of 13 and followed by females in the 25 plus age category. Lack of education and life experience are believed to be factors in the high infection rates for the younger women. Other influences are social and economic class, with poverty having an affect on those who become infected and do not seek testing or treatment immediately. This is believed to be because of a lack of access to finances, fear of social stigma and little to no knowledge of available resources.

These facts are what fuel the push for educating young people who are around the age of 13 years of age through sexual health classes in the public schools. This is a time when some youth are becoming more curious about their bodies and will be exposed to potential sexual partners. Getting the information out before kids become sexually active may help to curb the incidences of STD infections in this population.

There are in fact resources available for confidential STD testing in Colorado Springs, CO. These clinics offer privacy for clients who wish to remain anonymous and to receive their testing results discretely. Anyone who does not have the finances to pay for STD testing can be tested at a small or no charge if their income meets the established criteria for being low income. The greatest challenge for enhancing sexual health in Colorado Springs, Colorado is getting the word out about available resources to everyone. Although there are several different testing options available, not all STD clinics are available to everyone, nor do they all provide free services.

Better Sexual Health in Colorado Springs, CO

The data shows that there is reason for concern about the rates of STD infection in this area. The best course of action is to visit an STD clinic for testing. Once you get your results you’ll be informed about treatment options if you test positive. You will have access to health professionals who can give you the facts about your situation and answer any questions that you may have. If the results are negative, you’ll be relived to know that you are sexually healthy.

STD testing only takes a small amount of your time. You can take a short detour, stop by an STD clinic for fast, easy and courteous testing, and be on your way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the area without missing a beat. Your confidentiality is protected and friendly staff are available to assist you by performing the testing quickly and getting you on your way. Get the results that you need because there is only one way to be certain if you are in an at risk group, sexually active or feel that you may have symptoms that are unusual. By receiving STD testing, you are contributing to solving the problem of rising STD rates in Colorado Springs.

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