What are the STI test options in Kentwood,MI?

Kentwood is a part of Michigan once renowned for it’s furniture making. Now the culture revolves around art, museums and craft-beer brewing, which is great for young people. Unfortunately, there is also a serious problem with sexually transmitted diseases among young people in the county.

In 2017 there were 4,208 cases of Chlamydia in Kent County which makes up an astounding 10% of all reported cases in the state of Michigan. With 1,123 reported cases of Gonorrhea and 104 cases of Syphilis, the issue in the county in burgeoning.  

The state has declared an HIV epidemic, with Kent County having one of the highest rates at 5-9 per 1000,000 people. Kentwood city officials reported that there has been at least a 2% increase in the number of people testing HIV positive every year. 

Kentwood health officials have commissioned a review into the cause of the surge in reported cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the area.

In Kentwood there are options nearby for people in a difficult financial situation. Some facilities offer free std testing, counseling, family planning services and general health advice. As a result of being run by volunteer health providers, these clinics often have limited opening times and are difficult to reach by telephone. 

At Planned Parenthood in Grand Rapids there are a range of services available to anyone needing STD or HIV testing. If you need to know your diagnosis as soon as possible, there are rapid HIV swab tests available which give you results within 30 minutes. 

You could visit the Health Department STD Clinic on Fuller Avenue, they have a medical doctor on site at all times and offer services to everyone over the age of 13. 

Which one is right for you?