What are the STI test options in Wyoming,MI?

Wyoming City is among the cities with the lowest STD infection rates in the Cheyenne Metro Area.

A total of 3,822 cases of Chlamydia were reported in 2015. 39% of the cases were aged between 20-24 years while 85% were aged between 15-29 years. A third of the cases were males while the rest were females.

Gonorrhea cases reduced from 867 cases in 2014 to 751 cases in 2015. 77% of the cases were young people aged between 15-29 years and 33% were aged between 20-24 years. The disease was more common in males than in females.

Kent County has been committed to fighting the spread and growth of STDs in the county through different methods such as the Health Education Risk Reduction Services that offers educational classes for infected people. Reducing The Risk (RTR) curriculum is also a program that aims to reduce exposure to STDs.

There are several STD testing facilities in and around Wyoming center where you can receive proper testing and treatment services.

Planned Parenthood (Irwin/Martin Health Centres) located in Cherry Street and Planned Parenthood (Evenson Centre) on Bryon Centre Ave offers STD testing services for residents.

Other clinics include Pregnancy Resource Center- Family support services on 28th Street SW, Special Immunology Services on Lafayette Ave SE, and AFC Urgent Care on 28th Street, Grand Rapids.

Some of the clinics offer free STD testing services although bookable appointments for such cases might not be an available option.

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