What are the STI test options in Mobile,AL?

STD rankings that outnumber the national averages at almost double the rate. Across the state approximately 1,000 people are living with an STD out of every 100,000 residents.

In 2015 there were a reported 12,316 cases of HIV positive Alabama residents. The next year saw 533 new cases reported.

In response to the alarming rise in sexually transmitted diseases,  state, local, and private organizations are attempting to provide better opportunities for testing and education to arm residents with the best chances possible to stay safe and get treated when needed. Such measures include cellphone based applications, sliding scale fees and free STD testing services, opportunities for further education, and counseling services for those who test positive for various STDs.

In Mobile, Alabama you’ll be able to find testing services at such locations as Family Health on North Bayou Street and AIDS Alabama South on Dauphin Street.

Some, like the Franklin Primary Health Center, have multiple locations scattered throughout the city.

Which one is right for you?