What are the STI test options in Tuscaloosa,AL?

Higher than the nationwide average, Alabama ranks as the 11th most sexually diseased state in the nation and this includes Tuscaloosa.  Like other Southern cities, it is at the forefront of the  STD epidemic. For every 100,000 members of the population there are approximately 1,000 cases of STDs reported. This is a very troubling trend.

Breaking these numbers down by some of the most common sexually transmitted diseases as seen across the nation, Tuscaloosa County reported 554 cases of chlamydia and 173 cases of gonorrhea per 100,000 residents. In 2015 there were a total of 12,316 reported cases of residents living with HIV, and a total of 166 of those living with an HIV diagnosis died.

Young adults are at the highest risk for contracting an STD. Many of these cases go unknown and untreated. Areas with fewer financial resources tend to have fewer opportunities for public information and fewer testing and treatment centers.

Don’t set yourself up for lasting health repercussions or avoidable pain and discomfort. Through regular testing you can take charge of your health.

On 6th Street you’ll find the West Alabama AIDS Outreach Incorporated testing facility. Whatley Health Services testing facilities can be found on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, while the Alabama Department of Public Health has multiple locations. With multiple testing locations around the Tuscaloosa area, including free STD testing often without an added charge, it’s easy to find a testing center.

Which one is right for you?