What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Nixa,MO?

The Christian County Health Department has been concerned about the rise of HIV cases in Nixa city. According to the county health data, the infections increased from 33 at a rate of 53 in 2013 to 58 at a rate of 86 in 2018.

What’s more alarming, however, is the county health data which points to the widespread of Chlamydia cases in the county. The infections surged from 138 in 2010 to 271 cases by the end of 2018.

The county department of health was successful in managing Syphilis infections, and only 3 cases were reported in 2010, although they had doubled to 6 by 2018.

Additional county health data also indicated an escalation of Gonorrhea infections from 22 reported cases in 2010 to 106 by 2018.

Public health outreach efforts to battle HIV/STDs infections are a critical part of the current efforts by the Christian County Department of Health. The department of health has partnered with health care providers to offer low cost to free STD/HIV testing to the city residents.

You may find free STD testing in some of the medical centers in the city, but a doctor’s consultation may only be available at a fee, and the clinics may only test for STDs, so everyone will know why you are there.

Planned Parenthood – Springfield Health Center is located within the city and is among the health centers that provide sexual health care. Other hospitals that may provide STD/HIV services include Mercy Hospital Springfield, Cox Medical Center, and Family Medical Walk-In Clinic.