What are the STI test options in Twin Falls,ID?

The city of Twin Falls, ID is in the midst of an STD crisis. In 2015, the county of Twin Falls, ID had 319 cases of chlamydia and 24 new gonorrhea infections. By 2016, that jumped to 379 new chlamydia diagnoses, and 45 new gonorrhea cases.

The state health department lists Twins Falls County as district 5 and break down the infection rates by age group. The majority of chlamydia and gonorrhea diagnoses in 2015 were among teens and young adults ages 15 to 24 years old for a combined 67 percent of all new diagnoses. 

Health officials in Twins Falls County, ID are concerned about the increase in STD infections among teens and young adults, especially HIV. “On both a state and national level, we are all struggling to understand where this increase is coming from.”

There are several locations in and near Twins Falls for STD testing and HIV screenings. Some sites are further away and may require traveling 25 or more miles outside of the city. 

The area’s Planned Parenthood is located on 2nd Ave and North Twin falls. Also in the city are Stanton Healthcare Magic Valley on Shoshone St in East Twin Falls and the Family and Adolescent Care of Twin Falls on Cheney Dr in West Twin Falls. 

You can also check with St. Lukes Clinic in West Jerome on 5th Ave.

Free STD testing services are available. Before considering a free facility, consider the distance, appointment availability, and whether confidential testing is provided at the site.  

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