What are the STI test options in Winchester,VA?

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are a major concern for the people of Winchester, VA. The two STIs may cause infertility in women if not treated early.

Virginia Department of Health and Social Services, reported a 20 percent increase in chlamydia infections in 2016.

In Fredrick County, gonorrhea increased at an alarming rate, from 7,105 diagnosed cases in 2015, to 12,141 cases in 2016. This was almost double and the authority said the increase was as a result of increased reporting by health care facilities.

Importantly, young people between the age of 16 and 29 reported the highest number of HIV cases diagnosed in 2017.

The study by the Frederick County Health Department indicated that men who have sex with men were also at higher risk of contracting HIV.

Winchester Health Department Needle Exchange Program is on the forefront in fighting STI infections among intravenous drug users.

Winchester, VA, STD program ensures that the residents access cheap screening, testing, treatment, and counseling services.

Importantly, the state’s health department is carrying out STD awareness campaigns that offers education on wellness and sexual health.

Furthermore, there are a number of STD testing clinics in Winchester, VA, like Virginia Department of Health Clinic located along Baker Street and Winchester Family Health Center on Amherst Street.

Some other local clinics provide free STD testing in Winchester.

However, when you visit these clinics you may not receive results of the test on the same day due to influx of people they serve. Also these clinics have limited locations.

Which one is right for you?