What are the STI test options in Richmond,VA?

The number of sexually transmitted diseases is rising across this independent city.

To help combat the growing STD rates, the Virginia Department of Health has community partners to help assess and promote healthy living. Services are also being offered to those who are uninsured or underinsured.

For the fourth year in a row rates of STDs have increased across the county. Not only have the rates been increasing – with gonorrhea up 67% and syphilis increased by 76%, for example – the associated health risks are increasing. Gonorrhea cases are beginning to show a resistance to antibiotics.

Syphilis, a disease that was rare two decades ago, is seeing a resurgence and is particularly harmful to pregnant women because in congenital syphilis it can lead to infant deaths. Chlamydia remains the most commonly contracted STD, with reports showing over 1.5 million cases diagnosed. Without proper and timely treatment, many of these diseases can lead to long-term health damages.

Richmond offers many public and private std testing options for those who make their sexual health a priority. Free STD testing is one but fees may still apply that are not covered by insurance.

Richmond City Health District is located on East Main Street and the Minority Health Consortium Incorporated can be found on East Clay Street. From the Daily Planet on West Grace Street to the Capital Area Health Network on North 25th Street, a quick search will help you find a testing center.

Which one is right for you?