What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Chantilly,VA?

Among all the good things about Fairfax County, there’s a worry when it comes to STD prevalence in the county. A lot of money and research programs have been invested in the campaign to stop the rising STD counts.

According to statistics by the Live Healthy Fairfax, the chlamydia incident rates had been steadily increasing since 2013 from 184.0 to 259.0 in 2016.

However, gonorrhea rates have been fluctuating since 2013. From 83.2 incidences per 100,000 persons, the prevalence shot to 133.3 in 2014. It then dropped to 58.8 in 2015, before an increase to 93.6 in 2016.

The Fairfax Health Department, Community Interfaith Coordination, and the Northern Virginia Clergy Council for HIV Prevention have partnered to form a single integrated network to reduce HIV prevalence. The program supports, empowers, and involves the community toward its mission of putting an end to the spread of HIV.

Knowing your STD status helps significantly in controlling their spread. You can access HIV/STD testing services from one of the County Health Department’s clinics such as the Joseph Willard Health Center or the Herndon-Reston District Health Center.

Chantilly residents may also visit the Inova Juniper Program (IJP) testing locations, including the clinic on Prosperity Ave. Other IJP clinics are situated along Herndon Pkwy and Forest Point Circle, Manassas.

Alternatively, you might access free STD testing services from other local clinics, but you may be required to call first to book an appointment or you may be charged to consult a doctor on the premises. Furthermore, these clinics might have long waiting queues, and test results may take too long to be expedited.