What are the STI test options in Billings,MT?

Montana health officials are worried about the rising STD rates, especially gonorrhea. The problem with gonorrhea is that there is only one medicine left to treat it, and the strain is becoming resistant to the drug.

Syphilis is also going up. Health officials say this could be a result of people becoming lax about protection due to being on PrEP, which prevents HIV from being transmitted but does not inhibit other STIs. Also, there is a lack of awareness about sex among young people, many of whom do not realize they can catch an STI through oral sex.

In 2015, there were 103 people living with HIV or AIDS in Yellowstone County, with a prevalence rate of 102.8 per 100K people (there were 574 in the state of Montana, 85% of them male, with a prevalence rate of 66 per 100K people).

In 2016, Yellowstone County had a chlamydia rate of 441.3 per 100K people. The gonorrhea and (primary and secondary) syphilis rates were 154.1 and 2.5.

Planned Parenthood has two locations, one on Broadwater Ave and one on Wicks Ln. They test for STIs and treat all except HIV, and the fee is on a sliding scale. A charitable clinic in the area provides free STD testing (HIV only) to those who are unable to pay (you may need to show proof of income). ExpressCare Heights on Main St offers STD testing.

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