What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Christiansburg,VA?

Virginia Department of Health mission tag line is to promote and protect the health of all Virginians; nonetheless, this has proved a hard nut to crack as the state is currently dealing with a persistent STD epidemic that does not seem to go away. Incidences of STDs in Christiansburg, Montgomery County have sharply risen by over 50% over the last decade.

A 2018 STD Surveillance report shows that chlamydia cases have moved from 33,825 cases in 2013 to 41,377 cases in 2018 – 22% increase, gonorrhea cases have moved from 7,105 to 12,141 while syphilis has jumped from 327 to 498, a 715 and 52% increase respectively.

There were 24,853 people living with HIV/AIDs in Virginia in 2015, out of which 336 were newly diagnosed cases. Segmenting by age groups, less than 15 years old were 4 cases, 81 cases for 15-24 year olds, 301 for 24-34 year olds, 433 for 35-44 years olds, 695 for 45-54 year olds and 340 for persons aged 55 years and above. HIV survival rate has commendably increased.

Christiansburg health department has dived into STD control and prevention measures in order to safeguard about 25,000 people who reside therein. Sexual health education, regular screening and adequately equipping medical personnel with knowhow and tools has been prioritized.

Public health centers within Christiansburg offer effective and confidential STD screening to people across all ages above 13. Some facilities affiliated with the Virginia Department of Health include, New River Health District along 210 S Pepper Street Ste A in Christiansburg and another subsidiary branch at 220 E Main street in Radford VA on 24141 address.

Some local clinics might offer free STD testing within the town, but you might encounter delayed services and results. The clinics might operate at inconvenient hours and prescription after testing may not be available.