What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Lenoir,NC?

According to the HIV surveillance report in 2018, Caldwell County reported four cases of new infections at a prevalence rate of 5.7. The numbers were lower than those recorded in the 2017 report that shows six cases at a prevalence rate of 8.5.

The health department noted an increase in the number of new chlamydia infections. It recorded 289 cases at a prevalence rate of 352.3 in 2018. The count increased from the 240 cases reported at an occurring rate of 293.0 in 2017.

Gonorrhea cases drastically increased to 149 cases at a prevalence rate of 181.6 in 2018 from the 105 reported cases at a prevalence rate of 128.2 in 2017.

The county recorded a constant number of early, primary, and secondary syphilis cases between 2017 and 2018. Statistics for early syphilis cases were four cases at a prevalence rate of 4.9.

Primary and secondary syphilis newly diagnosed infections were two at a prevalence rate of 2.4.

Caldwell County Health Department focuses on controlling the spread of HIV and STDs by providing low cost and free testing, counseling, and treatment services. It also engages in community outreach programs that educate society on prevention methods. 

Caldwell County Health Department, Laurel Park Women’s Health – Lenoir, and Helping Hands Clinic are some facilities near Lenoir that offer confidential STD screening and treatment services.

Some health centers offer free STD testing services, but additional costs may not be upfront, and walk-in options might not exist.