What are the STI test options in Hobbs,NM?

Over the past two decades, sexually transmitted diseases have become a pandemic in New Mexico. Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV remain the most widespread STDs in Hobbs and the greater Lea County.

A 2011 New Mexico STD surveillance Report that measured the rate of STDs per 100,000 population showed that Lea County recorded a chlamydia rate of 625. The rate of gonorrhea was 68 while syphilis had a morbidity rate of 1.5.

In another 2015 report by the County Health Rankings, Lea County registered 27 new cases of HIV in 2010, which had a rate of 53.

The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDH) STD Prevention Program has a single objective of controlling STD spread through preventive medical measures. This program, in partnership with Lea County health officials, offers partner services, screenings, health surveillance, sexual health education, and case management.

Several clinical facilities in Lea County may offer STD testing services. The Hobbs Public Health Clinic located on N Dal Paso may provide STD screening and treatment, as well as partner follow-ups. You may also get Hep B vaccination.

Additionally, you may visit the Lea County Health Department situated on N 5th Street, Lovington. The clinic specializes in STD care (testing and treatment), family planning, and counseling, testing, and vaccine for hepatitis.

You may also receive free STD testing in other clinics across Hobbs town. The only shortcomings to these free services are that consultations with the physicians may come at an extra cost. You may also not get the prescription drugs on site.

Which one is right for you?