What are the STI test options in Albuquerque,NM?

The New Mexico Department of Health reports that Chlamydia infections have been higher than the national average for some time.

As a result of its high Chlamydia and other STD rates, the New Mexico Department of Health has its own STD Program. Its primary goal is to reduce and prevent STD cases, including cases of HIV. Due to this program, more education, screening, and surveillance is available throughout the state.

The Albuquerque area does have clinics that are ready to help protect and educate you about your sexual health.

Public options include the Public Health Department on Zuni Road, Planned Parenthood on San Mateo Boulevard, and other public centers.

Private offices are available, as well, including on Rio Bravo Boulevard, Encinco Place, and more. Appointments are accepted at most private clinics so you can be in and out the door in plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your day. Parking lots are also adjacent to most clinics, and this is always an advantage. 

If cost is the reason you haven’t been checked, don’t be afraid to ask if the clinic provides free STD testing to residents. There are some that do but not all will have doctors readily available if you need one.

Which one is right for you?