What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Koolauloa,HI?

Koolauloa, HI, in Honolulu county is facing an STD/HIV burden as the numbers keep rising. A total of 1,678 HIV diagnoses were observed in 2017 at a rate of 203. They steadily increased to 1,732 at a rate of 208 in 2018.

Chlamydia cases were frequently reported in the neighborhood at 5,389 at a rate of 545.1 in 2017. By the end of 2018, they had risen to 5,721 at a rate of 578.7, an indication of scarce prevention screening and testing measures.

Gonorrhea was also prevalent in Koolauloa, HI, as 2017 had 1,120 cases at a rate of 113.3, which went down to 1,048 cases at a rate of 106 in 2018.

Syphilis, which is treatable when early diagnosed, was also observed in the county. The cases of primary and secondary syphilis reported were 83 in 2017 that declined to 74 in 2018.

Honolulu County Health Department is committed to ending the HIV/STD transmissions in the county. Therefore, it provides preventive education, encouraging people to get tested to know their status and receive STDs treatment when the diseases are still in their early stages. Those diagnosed with HIV are encouraged to enroll in Care Programs to help suppress the virus’s transmission rate.      

Early detection of STD is essential for treatment to be effective and Koolauloa, HI, has several healthcare providers where you can get free STD testing to know your sexual status. However, the results might not be immediate. Possession of insurance is essential as multiple payment methods might not be available.

Planned parenthood- Honolulu Health Center, Koolauloa Health center, Kahuku Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente Kahuku Clinic are among the medical centers where you can choose to have your sexual health services such as testing, screening, and treatment.