What are the STI test options in Waipahu,HI?

Waipahu is an area of outstanding natural beauty with a plethora of healthy sporting activities available to its residents. It seems there have been a host of unhealthier activities taking place in the area because there is a serious problem with sexually transmitted diseases. 

With 5299 cases reported in 2016, Honolulu County has the 53rd highest incidence of Chlamydia out of all the counties in the entire United States. The situation with Syphilis is nearly as bad with 83 reported cases in 2016 – making it the 69th worst county in the country. 

Honolulu County has by far the highest incidence of HIV in Hawaii, with 3561 reported cases of people living with the disease in 2017. With 4879 cases reported across the whole of the state, Honolulu accounts for 73% of them. People living in Waipahu are being warned of these imminent risks to health that can go undiagnosed for years and be fatal if left untreated. 

The health department has said sexually active people living in Waipahu need to take extra precautions due to a dramatic increase in recorded sexually transmitted diseases in the area.

While there are some non-profit organizations in Waipahu offering free STD testing to patients, they are reported to be extremely busy and it can sometimes take weeks to get an appointment.

Located just outside of the Hans L’orange Neighborhood park is Waipahu Family Health Center that provides low-cost, confidential testing to patients living in the area. For patients who need to get tested outside of working hours or on weekends, Island Urgent Care Pearl Kai is located near Pearl Kai beach and shopping center, where patients can wind down afterward.  

Which one is right for you?