What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Mercer Island,WA?

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are the most commonly reported infectious diseases in Maryland, particularly in the state’s midwestern region. In fact, STDs account for 73% of notifiable diseases in Washington State.

In 2018 Q1 STD Analysis Report by the Seattle & King County Public Health, King County documented 2,526 chlamydia incidences in 2018, a 0.9% decrease as compared to 2017’s 2,549 cases. Gonorrhea cases rose from 974 in 207Q1 to 1,191 in 2018Q1, a 22.3% increase.

Meanwhile, there were 229 syphilis cases in King County. Most early syphilis cases occurred among the MSM population with a total of 163 new diagnoses. Only five cases were reported among MSW population.

The Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan (2017-2021) by the Washington State Department of Health aims to prevent STD/HIV spread in the state by reducing HIV transmissions by 50%, increase the number of people under HIV care to 80%, reduce HIV related medical issues, and improve the quality of health among the infected persons.

Testing services may be available in the following locations where Mercer Island resident may go: The Harborview Medical Center at 908 Jefferson St, Seattle; The Center for Multicultural Health at 1120 E Terrace St; or the Life Long STD clinic at 1016 E Pike St.

Other alternatives include the Planned Parenthood STD Clinic at 2001 E Madison, and the U-Test and Seattle Area Support Group at 1520 Bellevue Ave.

You may turn to other nearby clinics that may offer low-cost or free STD testing services in Mercer Island but you may deal with inconsistent waiting times and doctors might be unavailable. You may also not get after-care treatment drugs if you test positive.