What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Covington,WA?

HIV cases in Convington WA, a city in King County, reduced from 288 in 2012 to 220 in 2017.

Chlamydia cases had skyrocketed to 7,332 at 363.5 in 2014 from 5,986 at 310 infections recorded in 2010. In 2014, a total number of 4,277 women had tested positive for Chlamydia.

Gonorrhea cases also shot up to 2,219 at 110.0 in 2014 from 1,581 at 81.9 in 2010. Men were the most infected with a total of 1,638 cases in 2014 and 1,168 in 2010.
During the same period, Syphilis infections declined from 213 at 11.0 to 173 cases at 8.6. Male infections in 2014 were 164, while in 2010, they were 211.    

King County Health Department is working with community partners to reduce new HIV diagnoses by 50 percent, increase the percentage of PLWH who achieve viral suppression by 80 percent, and improve the quality of life of PLWHA. To achieve this, the company has implemented strategies to end the stigmatization of PLWH, increase housing options, and improve sexual minorities’ health care. It has also set out to do regular HIV/STD screening and lifted the barriers that prevent the locals from acquiring PrEP and condoms.                   

You can access free condoms and get screened for HIV/STD in some of Covington’s health facilities, such as Planned Parenthood- Kent Valley Health Center, Convington Clinic South- Urgent Care, VMC Covington Clinic North, and Valley Medical Care.

There are clinics with free STD testing in Convington City, but the service may be available at irregular hours, and test results are not delivered immediately.