What are the STI test options in Des Moines,WA?

Between the year 2007 and 2017, syphilis skyrocketed in Des Moines, WA, by a shocking 200 percent. That’s why medical professions in this area encourage people to conduct regular screening as it is easier to treat Syphilis infection during the early stages.

According to Data released by Annual Epidemiology Report in 2017, HIV was at its lowest since 1998, with only 219 diagnosed cases in the year. This decline was as a results of increased public education on HIV and other STIs.

The report further expounded that bacterial STIs such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia increased tremendously amongst homosexuals in 2015. Importantly, the number of youths aged between 15 to 24 who were infected increased also in the same year

Owing to the high number of STI infection among gays, Seattle and Kings County HIV/STD Program has started paying attention to heterosexuals especially those living in the streets and exchanging sexual favors. The program brings together members of the community, health departments, and agencies who are concerned with the health of gay men. They provide condoms, lube, free testing services, counseling, and post-care services to those affected.

When in Des Moines, WA, you may go for STI testing at Seattle and Kings County HIV/STD program clinic located at 401 5th Ave, Ste. 1250 Seattle, WA 98104 or STD Clinic at 908 Jefferson St, 11th Fl. Seattle, WA 98104.

You may also opt for free STI testing at a free clinic.

However, with free clinics, it might be hard to conceal the purpose of your visit, which is very embarrassing.

Which one is right for you?