What are the STI test options in Muncie,IN?

Though Indiana is not known for high STD rates, health officials have seen a sharp increase, especially in bacterial STDs, and they’re concerned. Many of the cases involve young people, and health officials blame insufficient sex education.

Young people do not understand the risks of unprotected sex, and they are then ashamed to seek testing and treatment due to social stigma. But medical professionals are discreet and help is available. Decreased funding in the public health sector has also contributed to the problem.

In 2016, Delaware County had an HIV prevalence rate of 123.6 per 100K people, below Indiana’s rate of 199.5. Also in 2016, 674 people in Delaware County were diagnosed with chlamydia, at a rate of 580.9 per 100K people. This was above Indiana’s rate of 465. The gonorrhea and (primary and secondary) syphilis rates were 206.9 and 5.1.

There is not too much in the way of STD-testing clinics in Muncie. Open Door Family Planning on Walnut St provides STI testing and treatment at a low cost. Free STD testing is available for students, but only for HIV. The HIV/STD/Hepatitis Division of the Madison County Health Department in nearby Anderson provides STD testing at a low price.

Which one is right for you?