What are the STI test options in New Iberia,LA?

New Iberia, with its rich cultural history of African-American, Creole, Spanish, and French heritage, is part of the state with the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the country in 2019, Louisiana.

In Iberia Parish, the HIV prevalence rate between 2011 and 2015 increased from 133 per 100,00 to 196 per 100,000. This is still quite a bit under Louisiana’s average of 505 per 100,000. Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis are also particularly prevalent in New Iberia in 2019.

Louisiana is amongst the top three states when it comes to congenital syphilis, which passes from mother to infant and kills almost half of the infected babies. Congenital syphilis has seen a 154% increase between 2013 and 2019.

There are multiple public and private testing centers available for people living in New Iberia. Public testing centers include the Iberia Parish Health Unit, a public health department on 715 B Weldon St and the Saint Martin Parish Health Unit on 303 W Port St. These clinics provide HIV tests and both accept Medicaid and Medicare.

Other clinics include the Vermillion Parish Health Unit on Charity St, the Lafayette Parish Health Unit on Willow St, and the Lafayette clinic on Patterson St. The Lafayette Parish Health Unit has free condoms available.

Some clinics may offer free std testing, however there might not be a doctor on site or available on the phone. Additionally, there might not be prescriptions available if you happen to be tested positively. You may also be faced with unexpected additional costs.

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STD Statistics In Iberia Parish, LA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Iberia Parish, LA. Data is normalized to accurately report Iberia Parish STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in New Iberia, LA

In 2012, the state ranked 4th highest for Chlamydia cases, 2nd for Gonorrhea, and 3rd for P&S Syphilis. This was despite that fact that it saw a decrease in all three areas. The area where New Iberia is located – the parish of Lafayette – falls mid-range between high and low impacted areas.

Females were the gender demographic most impacted by Chlamydia. Within the state, there were 872 cases per 100,000 individuals. This was almost three times higher than the rate for males. The age demographic most impacted were women aged 15-19 years old, followed closely by women aged 20-24. Black non-Hispanics are seven times more likely to become infected than White, non-Hispanics. Within New Iberia, there were 777 cases reported.

Females were also the gender demographic most impacted by Gonorrhea. In 2012, the rate was 28% higher in females than it was in males. The age demographic most impacted were 15-19-year old’s, followed closely by 20-24-year old’s. The ethnic demographic most impacted were Black, non-Hispanics. They were 13 times more likely to become infected than White, non-Hispanics. In New Iberia, there were a total of 293 cases reported over the course of a year.

P&S Syphilis infected twice as many males as it did females. The rate of infection was highest in 20-24-year-old males, followed closely by 25-29-year-old males. 86% of the cases reported were in Black, non-Hispanics. The state’s rate of infection was 1.2 times higher than the national average.Graph of syphilis rates in new iberia louisiana from 2015

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near
New Iberia,LA

Teche Action Clinic


STD Testing at 1115 Weber St, Franklin, LA 70538, USA

Teche Action Clinic is a non-profit health facility that aims at offering standard health-care services to residents of New Iberia, LA, and surrounding areas. The medical team is proficient in providing STD screening and treatment services. Other services offered include pediatric care, chronic illness management, and cancer screening. 


Doctors provide STD services at sliding scale rates depending on the client’s ability to pay. Additionally, you may settle your medical bills using cash if you’re uninsured, and the medical team also bills some insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid. 


Clients who get a positive diagnosis for STDs may receive medication. Moreover, if you test negative for STDs, preventative options you may receive include Hepatitis A and B vaccines. Additionally, in case you may require advanced medical care, clinicians may provide referral services.


Individuals ought to schedule appointments with physicians to receive STD services. Additionally, medical practitioners are available on Saturdays to attend to clients who have constricted weekday schedules. Also, physicians attend to clients according to their specific needs, and all STD services are confidential.


1115 Weber St, Franklin, LA 70538, USA


STD Testing at Teche Action Clinic


CareSouth Medical and Dental


STD Testing at 3140 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70806, USA

CareSouth Medical and Dental Clinic is a Federally Qualified Health Centre that strives to provide exceptional medical care to the residents of Baton Rouge and its environs. Clinicians offer medical services such as primary care, HIV/STD testing, behavioral health-care, and pediatric services. Rapid HIV tests take roughly 20-30 minutes to yield results.


The clinic provides reproductive health services to people from all walks of life irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, or financial disposition. Additionally, clinicians offer a sliding fee scale program to uninsured clients. Also, the medical team accepts payments in the form of insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.


You may receive referral services if you test positive for HIV. Additionally, anyone who tests positive for any other STD may receive immediate primary medical care or referral services. Medical practitioners also provide Hepatitis B and C vaccinations.


CareSouth Medical and Dental clinic provides affordable health-care services. You may easily book your appointment to receive medical services, and you also have the option of walking into the health center. Moreover, with extended working hours in place, you may seek health care during weekends.


3140 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70806, USA


STD Testing at CareSouth Medical and Dental


Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near
New Iberia,LA

Planned Parenthood - Baton Rouge Health Center of Baton Rouge, LA


STD Testing at 3825 Government St, Baton Rouge, LA 70806, USA

Planned Parenthood – Baton Rouge Health Center of Baton Rouge, LA,  is a medical facility that offers comprehensive reproductive health services. Its medical practitioners are competent in offering services such as vaccinations, family planning, and STD testing and treatment. Clinicians may conduct HIV tests using finger sticks and avail results in about 10-40 minutes.


The staff offers STD services to individuals from all walks of life. Additionally, self-pay clients may receive services at a sliding fee scale or be eligible for a state-funded program.


Anyone who receives a positive diagnosis for STDs may get appropriate medication, and those who test HIV positive may receive treatment referrals. Additionally, if you test negative, doctors may offer condoms and dental dams or administer the Gardasil vaccine. 


Medical practitioners provide confidential STD services and avail results to clients in-person. Also, services are available during weekends to accommodate individuals with compact schedules. Moreover, the medical team may offer interpretation services for some languages, including the American Sign Language.


3825 Government St, Baton Rouge, LA 70806, USA


STD Testing at Planned Parenthood - Baton Rouge Health Center of Baton Rouge, LA


City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near New Iberia,LA

Iberia Parish Health Unit


STD Testing at 715 Weldon St B, New Iberia, LA 70560, USA

The Iberia Health Unit is a County Health Department Clinic formed under the Louisiana department of health. The health center offers medical services such as family planning programs, immunization, and STD screening services. You may also find WIC and family planning services at the health center.


Any citizen of Louisiana aged between 19 and 64 years is eligible to receive medical services. Also, low-income earners may qualify for a federally-funded program. Additionally, the health department offers low-cost self-payment options to uninsured persons who choose to use the cash payment option.


Clinicians may offer comprehensive STD tests depending on your needs, and if you test positive, you may receive medication onsite. Additionally, the medical team offers linkage to care to persons who test positive for STDs.


Medical practitioners employ confidentiality during STD testing and result dissemination. Additionally, the medical team may offer discreet partner notification and treatment services. Also, you may conveniently walk into the health center to seek comprehensive STD care.


715 Weldon St B, New Iberia, LA 70560, USA


STD Testing at Iberia Parish Health Unit


Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near
New Iberia,LA

SouthStar Urgent Care New Iberia


STD Testing at 1110 E St Peter St, New Iberia, LA 70560, USA

SouthStar Urgent Care clinic was founded in 2011 and it provides in-depth primary-care services to residents of New Iberia, LA. Medical practitioners are competent in offering treatment services for flu, asthma, headaches, and sinus infections. You may also receive STD screening, diagnosis, and treatment that the well-trained staff provides.


Physicians provide STD services to clients of all sexes, sexual orientations, and nationalities, and you need a valid photo ID to receive medical care. Moreover, physicians may bill some insurances, and self-pay options available include cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards.


Any person who tests positive for an STD may receive medication, and physicians may offer treatment referrals for clients who need advanced STD medication.


Medical providers offer STD services seven days a week, and the clinical team may work for extended hours. Additionally, all the services available are confidentially discharged. Also, you may walk into the clinic to see a physician and receive extensive medical care.


1110 E St Peter St, New Iberia, LA 70560, USA


STD Testing at SouthStar Urgent Care New Iberia


CheckPoint Urgent Care


STD Testing at 1108 Parkview Dr, New Iberia, LA 70563, USA

CheckPoint Urgent Care is a medical clinic that provides extensive primary care services. Health-care providers offer services such as cancer screening, immunizations, allergy treatment, and bronchitis management. Physicians also provide STD screening services.


Physicians provide STD services to individuals without bias against age, financial status, nationality, or sexual orientation. Also, medical practitioners may bill some insurance health plans, and self-pay options that uninsured individuals may use when making payments include cash, checks, and credit cards.


Clinicians may provide medication to clients who receive positive results for some STDs. Additionally, physicians may offer relevant referral services if you may need specialized STD care.


Health-care providers offer discreet and precise STD services. Additionally, the clinic is open seven days a week, thus individuals with tight schedules may receive STD services during their free time. Additionally, physicians accept walk-ins, hence clients receive services at a time that’s convenient for them.


1108 Parkview Dr, New Iberia, LA 70563, USA


STD Testing at CheckPoint Urgent Care


STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in New Iberia, LA

Louisiana law does not require schools to offer sex education, but Louisiana Revised Statute §17:24.4(E) states that “the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education … shall develop and establish statewide curriculum standards for required subjects to be taught in the public elementary and secondary schools of [the] state.” Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, all incoming ninth graders were required to take 1/2 credit of health education. From grades 7–12, students learned about sexual abstinence and sexual risk behaviors, and in grades 4 and 7–12, students receive HIV and AIDS education.

Lift Louisiana is a program that promotes giving a voice to those dealing with STI’s, HIV, and other issues. Lift Louisiana believes in elevating and amplifying the voices of people, community leaders, and experts to change the policies behind the poor health outcomes for women in our state. The organization also endeavors to train and educated others on how to be heard, how to care for themselves and how to advocate for others.

The Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies offers a HIV testing and prevention program. Their goal is to educate in order to prevent individuals from contracting the HIV virus. This program consists of five key program components: Targeted HIV Testing, Linkage to Care (ARTAS), Community PROMISE (PROMISE), Program Promotion, Outreach and Recruitment (PAUSE) and Condom Distribution. The HTP program is funded by CDC. While their mailing address is in New Orleans, the operate throughout the state.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in New Iberia, LA

There could be a correlation between the level of poverty in New Iberia and the impact STI’s have had on the area. In 2015, the median household income was $39,061. This fell below the national, state, and parish median income. On average, males made more than females, which could account for the fact that women were most impacted by Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. In 2015, males on average made $62,429, while females made $34,372.

Women were also the gender demographic most impacted by poverty. Women aged 25-34 were considered to be the poorest demographic in 2015. This could possibly reflect that when it came to Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, this age and gender demographic rated 2nd highest for infection.

Black, non-Hispanics were also reported to be the poorest ethnic demographic in New Iberia. In 2015, there were 4,721 Black, non-Hispanics living below the poverty level in the area. This was over three times as many as those White, non-Hispanics living within the area. Black, non-Hispanics also made far less than White, non-Hispanics and Asians.

Black, non-Hispanic women also received less preventive services than White, non-Hispanic women. 589 White, non-Hispanic women received preventive services, while 207 Black, non-Hispanic women received the same services. This could connect to the number of Black, non-Hispanic women infected with STI’s in comparison to White, non-Hispanic women.

There could also be a correlation between the ratio of male to female graduates and the number of females infected with Chlamydia and Gonorrhea when compared to males. In 2015, there were 3,566 male graduates and only 558 female graduates. The number of females infected with Chlamydia and Gonorrhea was far higher than the number of males.

STI Testing Resources in New Iberia, LA

While many locations throughout the nation have ample resources available to aid those infected with STI’s or HIV/AIDS, New Iberia and the surrounding areas seem to be lacking in services. Many clinics and health centers are located several miles away from New Iberia. This likely results in the higher number of those who go untreated each year.

The closest Planned Parenthood is in Baton Rouge, which is an hour and forty minutes away. They offer treatment and testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV. In addition, they offer testing and treatment for bacterial vaginosis, genital warts, herpes, and trichomoniasis. They also offer the HPV vaccine and condoms. STD screenings are available to both men and women on a walk-in basis. They offer testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia using a urine sample. If tests come back positive treatment is available for both the patient and their partner. Many insurances are accepted and if the patient is insured than there are options available for the patient to still receive treatment.

The Iberia Health Unit is located in New Iberia. They offer STI and HIV testing. They accept many major insurances. On their website, they show when they are accepting different types of patients. There is a second location in Lafayette that also offers testing. This location is around 36 minutes away.

The New Iberia Addictive Disorders Health Unit is located in New Iberia. They offer conventional HIV blood testing, rapid HIV oral testing, Chlamydia testing, Syphilis testing, and Gonorrhea Testing. They only offer HIV testing to those who are registered patients.

Acadiana Cares also offers support through testing and education. They are located in Lafayette, about 23 miles away. They specialize in helping those suffering from HIV/AIDS. Their services include free HIV testing, rapid oral HIV testing, Chlamydia testing, Syphilis testing and Gonorrhea testing. They accept anyone within the community regardless of insurance coverage.

The Southwest Louisiana Center for Health in Lafayette offers testing and pharmaceutical services. They test for HIV, Chlamydia (through urine samples), and Gonorrhea. They also have locations throughout Louisiana.

Better Sexual Health in New Iberia, LA

New Iberia in Louisiana lacks inadequate resources, testing, and treatment for the population it has. There has been an increase in STI’s, which could possibly come from the lack of resources available. Educational curriculum supports and advocates abstinence, while also promoting being smart when becoming sexually active. There is a Planned Parenthood, but it is several miles away in Baton Rouge. The town has fewer clinics than other areas where testing and treatment is provided. Demographics and statistics suggest that African Americans and females are most likely to contract an STI. Regardless of the statistics, the best way to prevent STI’s is to either remain abstinent or practice safe sex with your partner. New Iberia does provide a few online resources that help educate about STI’s. One of which is: http://www.dhh.louisiana.gov/

As always, if you believe you have contracted an STI, please search out a testing center and seek treatment.

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