What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Opelousas,LA?

Opelousas, LA, based in St. Landry Parish County, has experienced a high STD/HIV burden for some time. The county had HIV diagnoses of 230 cases at a rate of 342 in 2017 that gradually surged upwards to 271 infections at a rate of 402 in 2018.

High cases of Chlamydia were reported in 2016 as there were 528 new cases at a rate of 629. This was an indication of improved screening practices in this small city.

Gonorrhea cases were also reported to be 192 at a rate of 229 in 2016. The infections were predominant among individuals aged 20 to 24 years.
Syphilis, which is among the most dangerous STDs, had 8 cases at a rate of 10 in 2016.   

St. Landry Parish County Health Department has an HIV/STDs program that ensures that those diagnosed with the diseases access medical care and medications to suppress the transmission rate. Using the HIV Continuum of Care Program, the county identified risky behaviors such as drug abuse, multiple sexual partners, and unsafe sex. It has worked to eliminate them by providing sexual health education and support.        

Staying healthy also involves knowledge of your sexual health, and you can access free STD testing in some facilities in Opelousas, LA. Some disadvantages of the free service are that you may long wait times, and results might not be immediate. 

Opelousas, LA, has numerous healthcare centers, such as Planned Parenthood- Baton Rouge Health Center and SouthStar Urgent Care of Opelousas, that have comprehensive sexual health services. You might also consider Opelousas General Health System South Campus and St. Landry Extended Care Hospital for HIV/STDs testing and screening.