What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Shenandoah,LA?

Shenandoah is a census-designated place in the East Baton Rouge Parish and is part of the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical area. Baton Rouge’s statistics have been continuously fluctuating over the past years.

HIV cases reduced from 250 new infections at 250 percent in 2015 to 230 incidents at 21 percent in 2016. The numbers down surged further in 2017, recording 231 new infections at a prevalence rate of 21 percent.

Chlamydia’s new infections surged from 4430 cases at an incidence rate of 14 percent to 4370 new positive diagnoses in 2016 at a rate of 14 percent and continued swelling upwards in 2017, documenting 5296 new incidents, a 15 percent prevalence rate.

Gonorrhea infections increased from 1,583 positive diagnoses to 1,600 new incidents in 215 and 2016, respectively, and further displayed a surge in 2018 to 1683 new cases at a happening rate of 14 percent. 

Primary and secondary Syphilis infections recorded fluctuating numbers with 2015 having 117 infections, which dropped to 9 in 2016 and increased to 106 in 2017.      

East Baton Rouge Parish Health Unit offers STD prevention services to the parish residents through the STD/HIV/Hepatitis Program, which caters to the immunization, testing and diagnosis, treatment, and sexual health counseling and education needs of patients.  

HAART Clinic, AHF Healthcare Center – Azmeh, and Planned Parenthood – Baton Rouge Health Center offer STD services to the Shenandoah area residents.
Some of the setbacks associated with free STD testing clinics include lengthened wait times for test results and lack of doctor consultation services.