What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Fort Washington,MD?

In 2017, Prince Georges County had the second-highest diagnosed cases of HIV/AIDS in the state, with 320 cases. Furthermore, chlamydia was the most common STD in Prince Georges County in 2007 and cases grew from 581.1 to 740.4 cases by 2017. However, the gonorrhea incidence rate was 219.2 per 100,000 people.

In Prince Georges County, chlamydia and gonorrhea cases were highest among those aged fifteen to nineteen in 2008. 

Prince Georges County residents can seek STD testing at Virginia Department of Health (Fairfax County Health Department) on Richmond Highway. Other testing locations in the county include Neighborhood Health and Alexandria Immediate Care in Richmond Highway.

NOVA Patient Care on North Henry Street and KI Services Incorporated on Quaker Lane offer STD testing to county residents as well. The Community of Hope Health Services (Conway Health and Resource Center) on Atlantic Street and the Virginia Department of Health (Alexandria Health Department) on King Street are also testing locations.

County residents can also seek testing at the United Medical Center (Care Center) om Southern Avenue and the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (Charles County Department of Health) on Crain Highway.

Some people may be eligible for free STD testing in the county if they meet certain requirements. Eligible county residents may find that may locations have limited or inconvenient hours. Plus, there may be a limited number of tests offered and the results may not be comprehensive. 

In addition, people that have an STD may not have access to prescriptions for medication or medical consultation. In addition, some test may require upfront fees.