What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Windsor,CO?

While Larimer County may have ranked among the top healthiest regions in Colorado by County Health Rankings & Roadmaps (CHRR), the county health professionals are dealing with the rising numbers of people contracting STDs on an annual basis.

According to the STD data provided by CHRR, Larimer County recorded a 415.5% increase in gonorrhea incidences between 2013 and 2018, taking the count from 58 to 299. Meanwhile, there was a 60% increase in chlamydia cases over the five years, resulting in 1,459 new diagnoses in 2018.

Furthermore, the STD analysis report also found out that 65% of all reported STD cases occurred among 12-24-year-old individuals.

To put a halt in the HIV pandemic, CDC began the “Let’s Stop HIV Together” program. It’s top three goals is to conduct community outreach programs, eliminated HIV stigma, and promote treatment and adherence to care plans for PLWHA.

More focus has been put on improving access to STI testing services. The Larimer County Health Department STD clinic along Blue Spruce Dr, Fort Collins, may offer testing services for most STDs and HIV. Other county health clinics can be found on Brodie Ave, Estes Park, and Peridot Ave, Loveland.

If you don’t prefer a government-funded clinic, you can alternatively visit the Planned Parenthood Medical Center on S Shields, Fort Collins.

Besides, you can also consider going to local clinics which may offer free STD testing within Windsor city, but people might quickly know your reason for visiting the clinic or the clinics might bar you from accessing consultation services. Furthermore, some screening and testing services may come at an additional cost.