What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Centralia,WA?

Based on surveillance reports, Lewis County Health Department has successfully contained HIV infections in Centralia city. From 2013 to 2018, only one HIV case was identified.

Syphilis infections have also remained at a minimum from 2012 to 2014. Only one case was recorded in 2014, and 2012 had zero cases.

However, other STIs were rampant in the city. In 2012, Chlamydia had 233 new cases at 305.4, which rose to 252 new cases at 330.3 in 2014. The infections were highest in women with 184 compared to 68 cases identified among men in 2014.

Gonorrhea cases went up to 16 new cases at 21.0 in 2014, and women had 9 cases with men following closely with 7 cases. In 2012, the cases were 12 at 15.7, and out of the 12 cases, 8 were women, and 4 were men. 

Lewis County Health Department has been conducting training and support programs at a group and individual level across the county. It targets communities at risk of contracting HIV infections. These interventions’ have resulted in positive outcomes, such as low incidences of STD/HIV, reduced risky sexual behaviors, and increased condom use among sexually active residents.  

Residents in Centralia City can receive free STD testing in some of the clinics, but they might be required to make an upfront payment for some of the tests, and they might find it inconvenient that the clinics may not have appointment booking options.

Centralia, WA, has numerous facilities providing STD/HIV services. You may access sexual health services at Planned Parenthood- Centralia Health Center, Valley View Health Center- walk-in clinic, or Providence St. Peter Hospital Olympia.