What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Tumwater,WA?

Tumwater, WA, HIV cases were 188 at a rate of 85 in 2017, which surged to 276 new infections at a rate of 119 in 2018.

According to Thurston County health reports, Chlamydia cases in 2013 were 921 at a rate of 354.1, and in 2014 they had reduced to 890 at a rate of 337. 

Male residents reported 209 Chlamydia cases at a rate of 164.8 in 2013. At the same time, the female population had 712 cases at a rate of 534.2.

Gonorrhea had 114 new cases at a rate of 43.8 for all ages, 57 cases at a rate of 44.9 for males, and 57 cases at a rate of 42.8 for females in 2013. The infections increased to 146 at a rate of 55.3 for all ages, 79 cases with 61.4 for male, and 66 new infections with 48.8 for females in 2014.

Thurston County Health Department actively participates in eradicating STD/HIV infections by working with Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) who conduct follow-ups on residents who have tested positive for HIV/STD to ensure they access treatment. The county health department also creates awareness by providing sex education, STD/HIV prevention, and treatment.    

You can access free STD testing in numerous health clinics in Tumwater, WA. However, some tests are free and not comprehensive, and you might have to pay with your insurance as multiple payment methods might not be available. 

Tumwater has several healthcare clinics and centers offering STD/HIV testing, such as Planned Parenthood- Olympia Health Center and MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care. Other hospitals like Capital Medical Center and Providence St. Peter Hospital Olympia also offer sexual health services.