What are the STI test options in Charlotte,NC?

 Charlotte witnessed steady growth rates for reported STD cases between 2013 and 2017, a trend that mirrors the rest of the nation.

The state and Mecklenburg County reported over 58,000 cases of chlamydia, over 19,000 cases of gonorrhea, and almost 1,100 cases of syphilis. Left untreated, these diseases can cause irreparable harm to both the person affected and unborn children – including the potential to have children.

Young adults, and the teen populations of Charlotte have reason for concern

So don’t wait, take charge of your health with testing and safe practices. Local organizations and health departments are coming together to offer testing and educational services because increasing public awareness and safe practices are the first steps in combating transmission. This can even include free STD testing but you might find that there isn’t a doctor available if you have questions about your results.

Testing locations throughout the city include: Care Ring on East 5th Street, the Urban Ministry Center on North College Street, and multiple locations offered by the Mecklenburg County Health Department. 

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STD Statistics In Mecklenburg County, NC



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Mecklenburg County, NC. Data is normalized to accurately report Mecklenburg County STD Breakdown.

Home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens the city of Charlotte, North Carolina is also experiencing an increase in the number of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, C, Herpes, Syphilis, and HIV cases which makes it important to get tested regular at one of the STD clinics. While Charlotte, NC does have free STD testing centers the long lines at the clinics has many residents searching for a more convenient option. Now you can schedule private STD testing with one simple phone call and only spend 15 to 20 minutes at a local lab, which still gives you plenty of time to catch a Carolina Panthers football game.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Charlotte, NC

Located in Mecklenburg County the city of Charlotte is dealing with STD rates that are some of the highest in the state. Recently, numbers of STDs diagnosed has been increasing at an alarming pace, and city health officials are worried that the number of residents infected with a sexually transmitted disease will continue to rise.

Between 2012 and 2014 residents that tested positive for HIV rose from 255 to 318, and Gonorrhea infections also increased during the same period. Statistics also showed that Chlamydia diagnosis also rose from a rate of 605.2 percent to 685.2 during the two year period. While some city leaders point out that first and secondary Syphilis case decreased slightly, this is not enough to suggest that it is not important for Charlotte residents to get tested regularly.

  • In 2010 there were 4,537 new cases of Chlamydia reported in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.
  • There were 1,595 residents infected with Gonorrhea in 2010 compared to 2,391 in 2014.
  • In 2014 over 41 percent of the new cases of Chlamydia were in young women between the ages of 20-24.

 STD Testing Charlotte, NC

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

Care Ring


Care Ring was founded in 1955. It is a nonprofit organization committed to providing health services for those lacking access to affordable, high-quality preventive health care. Their team is lead by physicians and PhD’s and they are available to speak with patients. 

Since this is a free and low-cost health clinic not all STDs are tested for. You also have to wait up to 2 days for any results.


Anyone can come in during open hours. Since it is a health clinic that handles a variety of adult and child illnesses, it can get busy. You might have to wait for a bit.

No one will be turned away if they cannot pay. You also do not have to show i.d, unless you are getting a prescription. Testing can be completely anonymous, though you will have to call yourself for the results.


Syphilis and HIV cannot be effectively treated here. You can return to check the status of the virus but they are not able to give you any extensive care.

Medications can be prescribed for chlamydia and gonorrhea. You can also be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B.


Care Ring believes that everyone should be treated with respect and kindness. Also, that everyone should have some type of healthcare.

Since the clinic has partnerships with other medical centers, you can receive the best care possible. This is even if you can’t afford to pay. They can help you find the assistance you need to live a healthy life free of STDs.


601 E. 5th Street, Suite 140, Charlotte, NC 28202



Closed from 12pm - 1pm

Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near

Rosedale Assistance & Opportunities


RAO (Rosedale Assistance & Opportunities) is a non-profit who is working to educate, support, raise awareness and provide prevention services for those living with HIV. They also provide education about other sexually transmitted infections. 

While they work primarily to help those living with the virus, they also have testing done by licensed clinicians. You can find out your status in a matter of minutes.


If you are only coming in for testing, you do not need to call first. Just be there before they close the doors at 5 pm. Those that need assistance with food or living expenses, need to call and speak with a case manager. They will make sure that the person you need to speak to is here when you come in.

Testing for HIV is free. This applies to anyone 13 and up.


RAO is not able to treat HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases. Anyone that tested negative is offer PrEP, free of charge and admission into their risk reduction educational programs.

They also have a food pantry for those living with the virus. They also have activities at night that can include everything from games, movies to educational speakers. Even though they cannot provide treatment, they can still give everyone a place to go to talk, hang out or get some assistance.


RAO is a community organization that provides free testing and other types of assistance to those with the HIV virus.

Testing does not require an appointment, you do need one for their other services. You can find the clinic in a small house front building, which adds to its comforting atmosphere. They are on W. 11th, not to far from several bus stops.


321 W 11th St, Charlotte, NC 28202



Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood Charlotte


Do you have questions about your sexual health? Planned Parenthood can answer them in a way that won’t make you feel uncomfortable. Their doctors and other staff members know that some questions can be difficult to ask but will never make a client feel like it is one that shouldn’t be asked.

They offer different types of tests and this can affect how long it takes for your results. For most patients, the wait is not longer than a couple days.


If you between the ages of 19 and 26, you could qualify for free testing. Otherwise payment is due before you leave the clinic.

All ages are welcome but you will want to make sure that state laws do not prohibit you from testing, if you are a minor.


Have you thought about being proactive, especially if your test is negative? Planned Parenthood has vaccinations for HPV. You can also learn about the vaccines for Hepatitis.

A physician will meet with you, if further treatment is necessary. You can get medications and return for regular checkups. However, there are some viruses they are not able to treat, mainly syphilis and HIV.


Located off  Rt. 74, Planned Parenthood has been serving several neighborhoods for over twenty years. They have always stayed true to their purpose, to provide affordable sexual health care and continue to uphold this.

You will find a staff that is both compassionate and knowledgeable. Believing that everyone should have access to testing and treatment, they can even provide free testing to clients that qualify.


4822 Albemarle Road Charlotte, NC 28205



Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near

Reserve Health


Reserve Health works to offer the best quality care, while also building relationships with their clients. Led by Dr. Biondi, the clinic is able to offer care and solutions that are effective and affordable.

It is a non-judgmental clinic that promotes sexual well-being. Tests and results are discreet. You can also learn your status in a few days.


Call, text or create a patient profile and you are ready to go. They clinic will find an appointment that meets your schedule.

Payment is required, unless you’ve made other arrangements.


Come back for a follow up checkup or get tested again. You can even receive vaccinations against HPV. This applies to all teens.

While the founding doctor might not be able to talk to you, one of his associates will explain the treatment you need. If the center is not able to handle your after care, they can refer to one that can.


Started on values that include providing excellent health care with respect and compassion, they have grown into a leading center for sexually transmitted diseases.

The founding doctor has studied around the world and brings a new perspective to treating and preventing these diseases.


135 W 10th Street Charlotte, NC 28202



Novant Health


Novant Health employees board certified specialists. This gives you the knowledge that you have the care you need.

The clinic is part of a larger network of clinics in the area and with specialists in infectious diseases employed at each one, they can also share their research and discoveries. This means better care and treatment for you.


You will need to call the clinic first. Since it treats all non emergencies, along with testing for sexual infectious diseases, it is busy. This can be done online or by phone.

All insurance is welcome but you must settle the bill in a timely manner. Free tests are not an option, unless you have a government health plan.


You can fill prescriptions at the clinic’s pharmacy and return for followup visits. A physician will see you at each visit, and discuss how your treatment is progressing.

HIV positive patients can return for followups but if the disease is extremely progressed, you will be given a referral to another more qualified clinic.


Primarily an urgent care clinic, it does test and treat a few sexually transmitted infections. It is designed to feel and operate like a family care clinic so this might not fit your needs.

However, they do have infectious disease specialists on staff. They can detect any infections and might have a treatment plan that you haven’t considered.


1381 Westgate Center Dr, Winston-Salem, NC 27103



C. W. Williams Community Health Center


The mission of the C. W. Williams Clinic is to provide t quality comprehensive family health and services to all residents in the county, regardless of their inability to pay.

Staffed by doctors that are dedicated to their patient’s health and counselors that will talk about your test results with you.


On your first appointment there is a list of papers you need to bring. First off, a valid picture i.d. If you plan on using insurance then bring that cared with you. For those that are under insured or do not have any bring proof of income so you can see if you qualify for free testing.


Confidential care is provided here. You can be treated for a sexually transmitted infection and continue to return for followup visits. Some STIs can take a few months to treat successfully, so it is important that you stay with the recommended plan of treatment.


Started to treat everyone in Mecklenburg County, they have stayed with their mission. Lead by a team of qualified health professionals, they are equipped to test and treat all communicable diseases.

You will not be turned away if you cannot pay. This also applies to any aftercare you might need.


3333 Wilkinson Boulevard Charlotte, NC 28208



STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Charlotte, NC

Unlike many southern cities Charlotte does offer sexual education classes in its public school system. While only a small percentage of the schools teach students about the proper use of a condom, the majority do supply students with the tools they need to find trusted and reliable information regarding the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Unfortunately only a small percentage of the schools provide any preventive information to parents and families of students, which leaves a gap in the education process. When parents are not aware of the risks associated with all sexually transmitted diseases, city officials can expect the STD statistics to continue to rise.

Not all STDs are transmitted strictly through intercourse, and when this information is not readily available the number of new infections will continue to increase in teens and adults. The Herpes virus is especially common in some schools and can be spread through casual contact. This makes it extremely important for parents to understand the importance of regular Herpes testing in Charlotte which can help prevent embarrassing flare ups, along with slowly the spread of the viral infection.

HIV testing in Charlotte is also important for the health of the city, and it is not uncommon for residents to not realize they are infected. Without standardized sex education programs for teens and adults the number of STDs will continue to rise in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Charlotte, NC

Demographics do play a role in Charlotte’s high STD rates, along with the lack of standardized sexual education programs. The gay and lesbian community is still subjected to certain stereotypes, which makes many residents hesitant to get tested regularly for STDs.

Charlotte is also experiencing a rise in intravenous drug use, especially among young adults and in lower income neighborhoods. Sharing needles and the risky behaviors that are often associated with this lifestyle is also contributing to the increase in residents with HIV and Syphilis.

Lower income families often find it difficult to afford regular STD testing, and not all health carriers cover this service. Added to the growing problem is the threat to defund some clinics, which will result in fewer facilities offering these important tests. As the number of clinics decreases around the city it will become more difficult for residents to get tested regularly, and health officials expect the STD rates to continue to rise.

Along with financial difficulties and perceived stereotypes, religious beliefs are also affecting the city’s STD rates. Many parents refuse to accept that their teens are sexually active at a younger age, and the lack of information available for families often makes it difficult for anyone to fully appreciate the risks associated with not getting tested regularly.


Better Sexual Health in Charlotte, NC

Spending the day at the Botanical Gardens or Discovery Place is a great way to spend your day, but it is important to remember your sexual health. There are several clinics in Charlotte that provide testing services, but many do not want to spend the day standing in long lines. A brief phone call will allow you to schedule confidential testing, and best of all it will only take a short amount of time.

Affordable Same Day STD Testing in the Charlotte area with Results in 1-2 Days

Peace of mind is just a click awayDon't wait any longer than necessary to find out the status of your sexual health. If your test results are positive, seeking treatment sooner can make all the difference.


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