What are the STI test options in Huntersville,NC?

Huntersville is part of the Charlotte metropolitan area, and that city has some of the highest STD rates in North Carolina.

In 2017, there were 6,792 people living with HIV or AIDS in Mecklenburg County, 270 of which were diagnosed that year. But within the county, Huntersville’s HIV prevalence rate is much lower than Charlotte’s—about 192 per 100K people in 2016, compared to over 3,000 in some parts of central Charlotte.

When it comes to early syphilis, Mecklenburg County has the highest rates in North Carolina. In 2017, 437 people were diagnosed, at a rate of 40.6 per 100K people.

Health officials worry that there are more people out there who haven’t been tested and are unknowingly spreading the disease to others. It’s easily treated if caught early but causes major problems if it’s allowed to progress.

The gonorrhea and chlamydia rates were 295.6 and 819.8.

There are a few STD-testing clinics in Huntersville, and there are even more options if you can get to Charlotte. Public clinics have free STD testing available, but hours are limited and there may be a long wait. The CVS MinuteClinic on Sam Furr Rd provides basic screening. The UNC Charlotte health center provides STI and HIV testing for enrolled students.

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STD Statistics In Mecklenburg County, NC



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Mecklenburg County, NC. Data is normalized to accurately report Mecklenburg County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Huntersville, NC

The state ranks third in the highest rate per capita of STDs according the CDC. Some of the blame can go to dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr. Since the launching of Tinder in 2012 by 2015 here are by how much rates increased per 100,000 people in your state.

  • Chlamydia rates went from 519 to 541.
  • Gonorrhea rates went from 146 to 170.
  • Syphilis rates went from 3 to 11.

We do not know for sure all of the reasons for high rates of STDs in your area. For 2010 here are the number of cases for Mecklenburg county.

  • Newly reported chlamydia cases 4537
  • Newly reported gonorrhea cases 1595
  • Newly reported primary and secondary syphilis cases 93

We can look at the total numbers of chlamydia and gonorrhea cases as useful indicators of adolescent sexual health as they are most common among young people ages 15 to 24. For 2015, Mecklenburg county tracked the following for HIV cases.

  • Newly reported HIV cases for males 236
  • Newly reported HIV cases for females 53

HIV reports are notable because youth ages 13 to 24 account for more than 1 in 5 new HIV diagnoses in the United States. African Americans in Mecklenburg county got HIV in numbers over double the numbers for whites for both males and females.

  • In 2014, the number of people living with with diagnosed HIV was 5945 for Mecklenburg county.
  • In 2014, 72 percent of people living with diagnosed AIDs were men and 38 percent were women for Mecklenburg county.
  • In 2014, 70 percent of people living with diagnosed AIDs were black and 20 percent were white for Mecklenburg county.

Graph of syphillis rates in huntersville north carolina from 2015

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

C W Williams Community Health Center


C W Williams Community Health Center is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1981 to improve the physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being of Huntersville residents by providing access to quality and affordable healthcare services. The facility’s medical staff is trained to provide confidential STD testing services in a conducive environment.


STD testing services are available to every resident with or without insurance policy. The facility doesn’t discriminate against patients based on their ability to pay, disability status, or religion.


Follow-ups, medication, and counseling services may be available to PLWHA by appointment or visiting the clinic.


C W Williams Community Health Center improve their health and well-being of the community by providing them with personalized HIV care services. The clinic’s practice covers a variety of behavioral needs that are delivered using a holistic and compassionate approach.


3333 Wilkinson Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28208



Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near

ALFA - AIDS Leadership Foothills-Area Alliance


ALFA – AIDS Leadership Foothills-Area Alliance is an organization that improves the life and health of individuals affected by HIV by preventing transmission of infections through education and testing. The facility offers affordable HIV testing and treatment services and works to eliminate barriers and stigma faced by PLWHA.


First-time patients are required to show proof of identification using a photo ID or driver’s license, and the facility accepts both self-pay and patients with insurance covers. HIV testing services are open to everyone irrespective of their economic background, ethnicity, or nationality.


Patients may call the facility for medical consultations, and prescriptions are available to patients with HIV. The clinic welcomes patients who book appointments and walk-ins.


Patients may access PEP medication at the facility, which is offered to clients  already exposed to HIV infections. The clinic also offers HIV case management services such as dental care, grocery vouchers, and medication as well as transportation and educational services to PLWHA.


1120 Fairgrove Church Rd SE Ste 28, Hickory, NC, 28602



Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood - Charlotte Health Center


Planned Parenthood – Charlotte Health Center delivers a wide range of reliable and affordable sexual and reproductive health services to Huntersville residents. The facility is staffed with trained and certified nurses and medical practitioners who offer STD testing services to the community.


The clinic accepts common private insurance, Medicaid, and Medicaid, and the facility allows uninsured patients to pay at a sliding fee scale. STD testing services are readily available to all patients regardless of their race, nationality, or ability to pay.


The facility’s medical team provides confidential STD/HIV testing, counseling, and treatment services on a walk-in and appointment basis.


Planned Parenthood – Charlotte Health Center offers abortion services, including medication abortion, pre, and post-abortion education to female patients upon request. Prenatal care services are also available to expectant women, and the health center has spacious, clean waiting and examination rooms. Moreover, the clinic engages in community outreach activities to educate the residents on sexual health matters.


700 S Torrence St, Charlotte, NC, 28204



City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Huntersville,NC

Mecklenburg County Health Department


Mecklenburg County Health Department offers affordable and quality healthcare services to county residents to protect them from various infections. The facility’s medical team offers STD testing and treatment, family planning, pregnancy services, and pediatrics as well as primary and preventive care services.


Self-pay patients may benefit from the clinic’s sliding fee scale program, and the facility accepts insurance covers, cash, and credit cards. Confidential STD testing services are offered to all residents, and no patient is treated differently because of their religious views, age, income levels, gender, or color.


The hospital offers medical consultations, testing, and treatment to STD positive patients by appointment.


Mecklenburg County Health Department has the Ryan White program, which offers HIV medical and related services to underinsured or uninsured individuals living with HIV. Pregnancy care management services are also available to unexpectant women, and the clinic offers plenty of free condoms and lubes to sexually active persons.


2845 Beatties Ford Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28216



Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near

Carolinas HealthCare Urgent Care


Carolinas HealthCare Urgent Care is among the leading urgent care centers in North Carolina, which connects patients with quality healthcare services and specialists. The clinic supports medical research and education and treats STDs, fevers, coughs, animal, and insect bites as well as sprains and minor bone fractures.


Proof of identification and insurance is required for new patients, and the clinic serves all patients with confidential STD testing services regardless of their insurance status, race, age, or economic background.


Patients may receive prescriptions and follow-ups if they test positive for STD/HIV infections. The hospital provides healthcare services on a walk-in basis, hence no appointment is required.


Carolinas HealthCare has an on-site lab, which is used for testing STD infections. The clinic’s comfortable waiting lounge and a flat-screen television helps to relax patients as they wait to be treated, and it also provides free Wi-Fi and parking services.


12905 Rosedale Hill Ave, Huntersville, NC,28078



FastMed Urgent Care


FastMed Urgent Care was founded in 2005 to provide affordable, quality, and accessible healthcare services to improve the health and well-being of Huntersville residents. The medical staff is trained and qualified to treat STDs, sprains, dislocations, and urinary tract infections as well as allergic reactions and flu.


Every community member may access STD screening services regardless of their ability to pay, race, or sexual orientation. The clinic also offers healthcare services to persons with or without insurance.


Patients with STDs are offered medication and may receive follow-ups to check their progress. The clinic provides medical care on a walk-in basis, but it also accepts online appointments.


FastMed Urgent Care provides value-driven, accessible, and coordinated health care services. Other services available at the facility include workplace wellness programs and employment screening services. The clinic offers healthcare services for extended hours and seven days a week to ensure patients receive treatment at their convenience.


2280 US Hwy 70 SE, Hickory, NC, 28602



STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Huntersville, NC

North Carolina state law says public schools have to educate children about abstinence and safe sex. Some report that it appears nobody is regulating the curriculum. They also state that is it not easy to find a teacher willing to talk about what they teach kids about sex. Dr. Deb Kaclick of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools notes teachers could feel the school board might not support them.

Or a teacher could feel that a principal does not support them. Dr. Kaclick taught sex education in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools for 17 years. She agrees it’s tough to know what kids are actually learning, despite a strong state law that mandates the subject. The law says local schools have to teach abstinence as the expected standard.

That is the only certain means of avoiding pregnancy and STDs. In 1996, the state began requiring schools also teach safe sex. This includes contraceptives and disease prevention. It is up to individual school districts to decide what is taught.

Dr. Ellen Essick works in the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. She makes sure schools know the guidelines. She notes that some schools may not do the best job either out of fear or lack of time. She says no one regulates the curriculum and there are no consistent teaching materials across the state.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools have a standardized program across all schools from 6 to 12th grade. Some counties teach abstinence and safe sex.

Whatever they teach must be medically accurate. Lawmakers mandated that in 2009.

This makes North Carolina one of just 13 states with that stipulation. Teen pregnancy in Mecklenburg County is down 50 percent since the law mandating schools teach safe sex went into effect. The latest numbers available show more than 1,000 pregnant teens in the county in 2013. Parents who don’t want schools to teach their child sex ed can sign a waiver to opt them out.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Huntersville, NC

The federal government and North Carolina health department accumulate data about STDs and the HIV epidemic in the state of North Carolina and your location. Concerning HIV here are some demographics to note.

  • The largest age group living with HIV in North Carolina as of 2010 were 45 to 54 years old.
  • About 7,000 women were living with HIV in North Carolina as of 2010.
  • Of the 24,476 cases of HIV living in NC in 2010, 6,414 were among white people.
  • Black women were living in with an HIV diagnosis at 13.9 times the rate of white women in NC in 2010.
  • Individuals in the 20-29 age bracket had the highest rates of newly diagnosed HIV in 2015, making up 40.0% of the newly diagnosed cases.
  • Rates were highest among African American men and men who have sex with men.

Concerning syphilis in North Carolina we see these demographic trends.

  • The highest rates were found among people between 20 to 24 years old.
  • African American men also showed the highest rates of early syphilis, comprising 54.5% of total statewide cases in 2015.

Concerning gonorrhea here are some demographics about North Carolina.

  • Gonorrhea rates were concentrated among similar demographic groups as with syphilis.
  • Diagnoses among men increased 22.8% from 2014 to 2015.
  • African Americans had the highest rates, comprising 54.6% of total statewide cases.

Concerning chlamydia here are some demographics about North Carolina.

  • In 2015, Chlamydia rates were highest in 20-24 and 15-19 age brackets.
  • This was also the true for reports among women.
  • African Americans had the highest chlamydia rates, comprising 37.8% of the total statewide cases.

STI Testing Resources in Huntersville, NC

Mecklenburg county residents can get STD counseling, testing, and treatment at STD Control Clinics run by the Health Department for the county. Two Health Department locations provide service clients.

Anyone who suspects exposure to an STD or wants to be screened can visit either location. This is a walk in service. No appointment is needed. HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea screening is available.

You need an appointment for a physical exam and additional screening. If you are experiencing symptoms, make an appointment. Symptoms include abnormal discharge, bumps, sores, blisters, and difficulty urinating.

An urgent care center is another resource that can help. This can be a good option if you are embarrassed about going to an STD clinic or standing in line at a facility such as Planned Parenthood. No one will know why you are at an urgent care center. Carolinas Health Care System Urgent Care in your city is such a center.

Novant Health Huntersville Medical Center is a facility that also can help. No one will know why you are there.

STD Check can also help. With this service you can take STD test frequently and routinely as needed. You order tests online or by phone. The service provides what they call a groundbreaking HIV RNA test. The test can detect HIV in the blood from nine to eleven days after exposure with definitive results. You order the test online or over the phone. Then you visit a test center and test in less than five minutes. Then you get results.

You get test results in one to two business days. The Better Business Rating for the group is A plus. The service notes you get no embarrassing questions when you arrive for your test. The service has a 10 test panel for STDs including hepatitis A.

Your monthly statement charges for services so your privacy is preserved. The privacy guidelines that protect your information at the doctor’s office are the same ones this services to safeguard your personal information, including the HIPAA Privacy Rule. All of the labs used test for many conditions that do not relate to STDs so your reason for visiting the test center is not known.

The nearest Planned Parenthood location is the Charlotte Health Center. If transportation is no problem, this could be a good option. Planned Parenthood offices offer reliable services for STD testing in a non judgmental environment. Testing includes bacterial vaginosis (BV), chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV (testing and diagnosis only), syphilis and trichomoniasis (trich).

Better Sexual Health in Huntersville, NC

The STD rates in your area and state are high so you should get information about STDs, testing, and treatment from a counsellor or nurse at an area school, Planned Parenthood office in Charlotte, or other facility such as an urgent care center or hospital. STD testing is the only way to know for sure whether you have been affected by an STD and should get treatment for yourself and your partner.

Remember too that an organization such as the Planned Parenthood office in Charlotte has staff trained to help you and remind you to always use a condom. Here are additional links to resources.

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